Aproape 4 ani!!! (plus concertul vietii mele)

Wow! A trecut o vesnicie (adica 4 ani) de cand am blogul si tot sunt nesimtita pentru ca nu mai scriu nimic nou. Recunosc, cheful de scris mi-a venit astazi dupa ce am vazut noul episod din Awkward si dupa discutia cu buna mea prietena, Oana. Ea, fata cuminte, s-a tinut de blog. Era cazul sa ii mai arat si eu putina atentie…macar odata la 4-5 luni. Tin sa spun ca urasc vremea asta imputita din Bucuresti si ca abia astept sa vina anotimpul meu preferat, toamna. Dar discutiile despre vreme nu au fost niciodata preferatele mele…

Pe vremea cand incepusem blogul asta, eram intre primul si al doilea an de facultate si credeam ca o sa ajung mare jurnalist si ca blogul ma va ajuta o tona. M-a ajutat un c***t! Dar tot e bine ca aveam un refugiu unde sa scriu ce-mi mai trece prin minte. Imi amintesc si acum vremurile din 2009 cand scriam despre Lady Gaga fiind an attention whore si cum vizualizarile pe blogul meu explodasera. Datorita ei am luat 10 la Jurnalism online! Inca o iubesc pe Gaga si inca regret ca nu am mers la concertul ei pe 16 august:( Poate am ratat ceva wow sau poate nu. Sper sa mai revina…

Cel mai tare concert din vara asta a fost, fara indoiala, al celor de la Garbage. Fiind un fan infocat de ani si ani…faptul ca Shirley si Duke s-au uitat direct la mine pentru cateva clipe in timpul concertului ma fac sa realizez ca nu m-am nascut degeaba. Concertul a fost perfect. Shirley Manson arata si canta demential si visul meu de o viata s-a indeplinit! Am stat in primul rand! A fost absolut divin. Ce ma deranja era ca am fost printre putinii fani care stiau varsta lui Shirley si versurile de la melodiile Garbage – mai ales a celor de pe noul album. Come on, people! De ce mai veniti la concert daca nu stiti nici macar versurile de la Blood for Poppies? Bine, astea sunt ganduri de fan inrait care simte ca merita sa fie acolo pe scena cu ei pentru ca nimeni nu e mai constient decat mine cat de tare e trupa Garbage. Am si cateva poze de la concert!

A fost ireal! Nu mi-a venit sa cred ca eram la 10 metri de cea mai tare cantareata din Univers si ca am ajuns in sfarsit sa ii vad live! Concertul a inceput cu melodia care-mi este ringtone: Automatic Systematic Habit si s-a incheiat cu Vow! Imi pare rau ca nu a fost mai lung si ca au anulat sesiunea de autografe promisa. Now that’s riding high on a deep depression! [fanii adevarati vor intelege!] Acum mai lipseste sa vina No Doubt si viata mea e completa!

In ultima perioada s-au intamplat si lucruri mai putin fericite, dar pentru acelea voi rezerva noi postari…


Pop’s never gonna die. And here are some reasons…

Pop music is the first kind of music that gets stuck in your head. We can all admit to that. If we try and relate pop music to a person, we’ll all say: Lady Gaga! And why is that? Because she stands out with her outfits and make up. Why most pop icons such as Lady Gaga catch your eye with looks, pop music catches your ears with the funky beat and catchy tune. Usually, when I find myself humming, it’s always a pop song. Of course, I love rock and country even more, but there’s something about pop music that I just can’t get out of my head. Is it even funny that that’s the name of a famous pop song? 2001’s “Can’t get you out of my head” by Kylie Minogue was the answer I was looking for. So it seems that pop is so popular that it even has a song dedicated to its addictiveness.

Usually, people judge commercially recorded music and I don’t blame them. But why would more and more meaningless lyrics be more loved that deep lyrics that we find in rock and country music? Because of the music! Take Justin Bieber for instance. Everybody seems to hate his guts, but his music is successfull because of its beat. People listen to it, love it or hate it, but still come back to listen to it again. It’s like a reassurement. Do they hate it but secretly indulge in it or do they actually love it and don’t realize it? I blame myself for that. Back in 1999, there was some kind of competition between the pop princesses Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. I was on team Christina, but that didn’t mean I hated Britney Spears. I just wanted to be part of something. That was team Christina. And this brings me to another motive why pop’s never going to die.

Kids want to look up to someone. They need a role model. If it’s not their parents, it’s a pop star. I remember when I was younger, I looked up to the famous pop stars bacause they had everything: fame, fortune and people who loved them. That was my conception back then. Now I wouldn’t want that. Oh well, maybe I’d keep the fortune, because we all need to make a living somehow, right?

Pop music represents all kinds of dreams. For instance, a lot of girls would want to date a member of a pop group or a solo male vocalist. Who can forget how many girls wanted Justin Timberlake or Nick Carter to be their boyfriends? Now those shoes have been filled by Justin Bieber and… hmm, I guess I’m behind on that subject having considered that all fangirls these days only want him. Come to think of it, we don’t really have boy pop groups, do we?

Nowadays, there are a few pop icons that serve as role models for both girls and boys. Ke$ha, Vanessa Hudgens and Lindsay Lohan are certainly out of the question. I guess that a good pop icon is one that can refrain from showing her underwear. Whoever finds that person, give me a comment on this blog post, please! Thinking this troughly, I can’t find a pop star who would be able to keep her clothes on and her ass out of rehab (No, not even you, Miley Cyrus! Pole dancing desqualifies you instantly). Maybe someone like Vanessa Carlton, Michelle Branch, P!nk, Nelly Furtado or Kelly Clarkson are the ones that make good role models in pop culture. I know that most people don’t even remember the first two and that Nelly Furtado had one skanky song, but we let her get away with it (“Promiscous girl”- remember that one?).

MTV has been the creator of pop sensations worldwide.  Without The Music Television we wouldn’t know what’s hot and what’s not and who’s in and out of the pop industry. I grew up with MTV and separated the good from the bad. MTV had awesome TV shows in the late ’90s but lost its touch in the late 2000s. Yes, I’m reffering to Daria/Beavis and Butthead versus Jersey Shore/16 and pregnant. That was then and this is dumb! It’s sad to see that we’re not evolving into something smarter. It’s sad to see that pop culture today is negative culture.

It’s 2010 and the biggest pop sensation these days is, without a doubt, Lady Gaga. But is she a good role model? Sure, she’s crazy- genius, but I think she’s trying too hard. It’s a shame you can’t have pop without all the flash and trash on you. People wouldn’t even recognize her without all the wigs, glitter and crazy make up. I’d love to see her perform without all these accessories. For all I know, she would take this message literaly and sing naked, dressed only in her voice. Be that as it may, I’ll hear about it on the news and see the new twist in pop culture.

No wonder pop is the abreviation of  “popular”. Whoever gates the most love/hate, that’s the most popular person, or in this case, the biggest pop star. All in all, pop culture is somewhat like high school. The attention whores are popular and the ones who mind their own business will soon be forgotten. Does anyone even remember great singers like Michelle Branch or does she have to strip to get attention? Come to think of it, I think she already did.

I thought so!


Web Inspiration #3: Shane Dawson

What does peeing in your mouth, hitting Miley Cyrus with a car and imitating a getto accent perfectly have in common? Nothing, unless you know who Shane Dawson is. Anybody who’s ever been on youtube more than two weeks should have heard of Shane. He now stands at number 4 most subscribed of all time and I strongly believe he deserves more than that.

I first discovered Shane when another Web Inspiration of mine, Michael Buckley, announced the nominees for Mister Youtube. He then stated that Shane was the next best thing on youtube and that he would get 1,000,000 subscribers until the end of 2009. Buck was on to something because now Shane has over 1,930,000 subscribers and still growing. Shane has been a youtuber since  summer of 2008 and I’m sorry I didn’t discover him sooner. He now administrates 3 youtube channels: ShaneDawsonTv (that ranks in number 4 most subscribed of all time), ShaneDawsonTv2 (number 6 most subscribed) and shane (his Iphone channel that ranks in 49th most subscribed and still growing).

Shane makes all kinds of videos: from vlogs, to skits and videos where he answers questions from his fans. He also plays many characters he made up, but his most popular one is Shanaynay, a getto girl with an extra eyebrow. Shane seems to treat youtube as his life and his job. He shares everything with his fans. We’ve learned that he had weight problems when he was in high school ( Shane who once weighed 340 pounds, lost 150 pounds in nine months). Also, he made it clear that he is annoyed by the Twilight series, but loves to make fun of the plots and characters, even if some people accuse him of going too far. Other subjects that he loves to touch on and make fun of are Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Snooki from Jersey Shore and fellow youtuber, Fred. The list may continue…

Here’s an idea of who Shane is, as he stated in the video:

Shane Dawson once stated that he is an innocent guy with a dirty mouth. He claims never having sex, consuming drugs or alchool. While most parents believe these are the atributes of a role model, his videos get negative reactions from people who are way past their 30s. It seems that Shane’s humour appeals to kids, teenagers and young adults. He often talks about masturbation, anal sex, blow jobs, but most people forget to see the essence: IRONY and HUMOUR! After all, as Woody Allan said: “Don’t knock on masturbation. It’s sex with someone you love!”. Shannaynay, one of his characters is a former drug addict prostitute with STDs who lives in the gettos. Shane’s imagination seems to never be on a break. He created many other characters such as: Aunt Hilda, Ned the Nerd, S-Deezy and many spoofs of celebreties such as Miley, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Snooki from Jersey shore and so on and so forth.

Shane is well known for his music parodies. He made spoofs on songs such as “Bad Romance” and “Telephone” by Lady Gaga, “Don’t trust me” by 3OH!3 or “Blah Blah Blah” by Ke$ha. Here is one of his spoofs featuring the hilarious carachter, Ned the nerd:

Forbes magazine named him their 25th most famous web celebrity and he is known to have earned over 315.000 $ in the past year (according to indyposted.com). It’s great to see that a person my age (actually 6 days  younger) is doing what he loves and getting paid for it. Tthe topics Shane talks about are very relatable, and being able to turn your passion into your job is a dream I also want to acheive. He never took his youtube succes for granted and he always reminds his fans and supporters how much he loves them. When he reached 1,000, 000 subscirbers on his main channel, he started crying tears of joy and made me feel good that I was one of the subscribers that changed his life.

Shane is a web inspiration with an award that proves it! He was nominated for a Teen Choice Award this year for Choice Web Star. The nominees for that category included fellow YouTubers iJustine, Charles Trippy, Lucas Cruikshank, best known for his Fred character, and singer Greyson Chance.

Speaking of iJustine, Shane invented the funniest game on the web, called the iJustine game. Basically, you play one of iJustine’s videos on mute and you put the dirtiest rap song you can find. Here’s Shane demonstrating just that:

Hands down! This man is too funny for this century!

Shane has other characters he features on his youtube channel and those are his pets: Miley (bitch-female dog), Charlie (dog), Muffins and Snoop (cats). I loved that he named his dog Miley based on the comments of his viewers. It would have been a cute name even if it wasn’t based on Miley Cyrus’ first name. Here is the naming of Shane’s dog:

Shane works his but off to give us a funny video every Saturday, an Ask Shane on monday and random funny videos throughout the week. That takes time and dedication and judging by the high quality of the videos we should be glad that subscribing is free. Shane Dawson’s dream is to have his own TV show. With the success of his three youtube channels, he shouldn’t worry about that. I just hope that after he gets his big break on TV, he won’t forget where he came from: a little place called ShaneDawsonTV.

Shane Dawson is my inspiration because he knows how to treat every little bad thing with humour. More people should be able to do that and that’s why Shane is the best innocent-dirty mouth-sensitive role model! You rock, Mister Youtube!

Gaga Music Awards recap.Girl power FTW!

Even though Eminem was the opening act of the show, girl power dominated this year’s MTV Video Music awards. Maybe that’s why Eminem had to sing and leave. He knew that it was ladies’ night at the VMAs. His duet with Rihanna was great. They look good together on stage. I’m loving RiRi’s new hair! Girl power FTW!

Chelsea Handler hosted this year’s show and she was hilarious! It was the first time in 16 years when a woman hosted the VMAs. Before getting on stage, the comedian had her ass slapped by a lot of men and…Lindsay Lohan. I know! Who? Linds told her to watch her drinking. Yeah, that is a cameo we would all love to forget. Chelsea made an entrance that was inspired by Lady Gaga, but the gig didn’t go past the Ra-Ra-Ra from “Bad Romance”, because that’s all they got to in reherlals. This year’s VMA host paid a tribute, more or less, to Lady Gaga by dressing up as crazy as she could. She had a house on her head and a dove flying out of her crotch. I thought it was Lady Gaga herself the whole performance, but the house’s garage door made things clear for everyone.

What post 2009 VMA show would be complete without a Kanye West refferal? Chelsea gave a random person the “My award-My choice” as a demonstration to what artists accepting the VMAs should do if someone would interrupt their speech. And on with the show…

Ellen DeGeneres gave a funny mini-speech before announcing the nominees for Best Female Video. It’s like she had to remind everyone of how awesome she is! Lady Gaga won the first award of the night for Best Female Video for “Bad Romance”. In her acceptance speech she told her fans that they were “the cool kids at the party”. The Monster Mommy was wearing Alexander McQueen, to pay a tribute to the deceased designer. Lady Gaga’s speech was nice, but I could’t help but noticing the look on Katy Perry’s face when she lost an award to one of her rivals. Her expression was like “You may have won this one, bitch, but the rest are mine!”. If Katy only knew…

Justin Bieber’s performance was announced by one of his biggest fans, Kim Kardashian, who remembered she had a restraining order to keep away from him. Her passion for him is creepy, because what straigh woman would go for a 28 year old lesbian? Justin first performed “Baby”, followed by a lip sync fail to “Somebody to love”. Now that’s the moment he should have said “Pink elephant, pink elephant” and nobody would have noticed the boo boo. He then went at the drums and another boo boo was around the corner: he dropped a drumb stick, but not much people seemed to have noticed that.

Justin’s menthor, Usher, had a pink elephant fail during his performance and everyone saw the obvious lip sync and the tired dancing. We gotta give Usher a break, the man is getting old and can’t sing and dance like back in the days when everyone was screaming “Yeah!”.

The cast of Glee presented the nominees for Best Pop Video and I loved it when Jane Lynch said Keisha instead of Ke$ha. It’s the girl’s fault for having a misleading name. That’s why she should call herself Ke-dollar sign-HA. Props to Michael Buckley for that idea! Lady Gaga won the award for “Bad Romance”. Katy Perry looked pissed again and she seemed to have told the person next to her “That Gaga bitch beat me again! She needs to die!”. Relax, Katy! You didn’t get a moon man this year, but you met your dream man last year. It’s a win-win situation for both of you gals!

One of the most anticipated performances of the evening, Taylor Swift sang a song about the Kanye incident from last year, “I guess you really did it this time”: “Lost your balance on the tight rope/it’s never too late to get it back… Today is never too late to be brand new… Every one of us has messed up too. I hope you remember today’s never too late…to be friends with you….You’re still an innocent.” A whole song dedicated to an idiot that did something bad to you? Come on, Taylor, you can do better than that! Actually, no, because that’s your whole song writing purpose: to sing about men that did you wrong. This performance was too deep for the VMAs. We should all forgive and forget. It’s been a year already! Get over it, Taylor!

In the skit for Best New Artist In a Video, Chelsea Handler chases Justin Bieber for his hair, thinking it’s a wig and he’s like “Weren’t you my baby sitter?”. Justin is hilarious! He thinks that every 30+ year old woman was his baby sitter once.

The douchebags from The Jersey Shore were on stage in a hot tub and Snooki dared Chelsea to join them by calling her “Bitch”. Very classy of our Snooks, for sure! The moment Chelsea got in the tub, The Situation made one of his mind blowing remarqes: “We got a Situation!”. It’s like that’s the most interesting thing he can say. It’s gotta be sad to be so limited. The funny part was when Chelsea got out of the hot tub with a big fake belly, suggesting she was pregnant. Again, “We got a Situation!”…It was annoying 5 minutes ago! Now someone has to shoot this guy!

B.O.B. had a great performance with Haley Williams and Bruno Mars and Haley sang “Only Exception”. I loved how one song went into the other. Pefect mash-up! It was a shame they didn’t win anything, hence the many nominations.

The winner for Best New Artist in a Video went to Justin Bieber who couldn’t find the stage and he looked like my cat when I hide his toy frog! Justin Bieber has comedy potential so, Disney, hit him up! Nobody threw a water bottle…boring!

Cher announced the winner for Video of The Year in her “If I could turn back time” outfit that now seems ok for MTV. Back when she was young, she was like the Lady Gaga of the MTV stone age. Speaking of Lady Gaga, she won the award for her “Bad Romance” video. She accepted her award wearing a meat dress that PETA isn’t going to be too happy about and asking Cher to hold her meat purse. Indeed, that is an odd request. Lady Gaga said that she was nervous that she would let her fans down if she didn’t win. She revealed the name of her new up-coming record called “Born this way” and immediately bursted into tune “I’m beautiful in my way ’cause God makes no mistakes…”. The acceptance speech was beautiful and she started crying and reminded the fans how much she loves them.

Kanye West wraped up the night with his “Toast for the douchebags”. At first, I thought he was talking about himself, being the self absorbed ass hole that he is. But it seemed that the song was adressed to Taylor Swift. “You’ve been putting up with my s–t for way too long,” he sang to close out the night. “Let’s have a toast for the douchebags/ Let’s have a toast for the a-holes/ Let’s have a toast for the scumbags.” I guess they’re even!

The night had great performances from Eminem, Rihanna, B.O.B, Haley Williams, Bruno Mars, Drake and Mary J. Blige.

Here’s the complete list of winners for this year’s MTV Video Music Awards:

• Video of the Year: “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga
• Female Video: “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga
• Male Video: “Not Afraid,” Eminem
• Rock Video: “Kings and Queens,” 30 Seconds to Mars
• Pop Video: “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga
• Hip-Hop Video: “Not Afraid,” Eminem
• Collaboration: “Telephone,” Lady Gaga feat. Beyoncé
• Dance Video: “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga
• Choreography: “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga
• Editing: “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga
• Direction: “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga
• Special Effects: “Uprising,” Muse
• Art Direction: “Dog Days Are Over,” Florence + the Machine
• Cinematography: “Empire State of Mind,” Jay-Z and Alicia Keys

All in all, the award show should have been called The MTV Gaga Music Awards, because she was the centre of atention tonight! And congratulations to Chelsea Handler for hosting the show! She did a great job! Girl power FTW!

Lady Gaga wasn’t here before the world! Get over it!

A while back I was stating that I was the biggest Lady Gaga fan out there. I liked the fact that she wasn’t afraid to take risks in music or fashion and she seemed original. After everyone became Gaga crazy, fans started to accuse a bunch of old school female singers that they were copying Lady Gaga.

Christina Aguilera

The former Mickey Mouse star grew up to become one of the most edgy pop stars out there. In 2002 she let out her Dirty side with the “Stripped” album. With less and less clothes on, the pop princess took the risk of being called an attention whore. She didn’t mind the bad press because she knew that she was being true to who she was. Christina claimed that she had always had a dirty side to her and the world had to see it sooner or later. When she launched the “Not Myself Tonight” music video in April 2010, people labelled her as a Lady Gaga wannabe. When did blonde hair and red lips become a Lady Gaga fashion statement? This combination was popular way before Gaga was even born! The first reference of this fashion that comes to my mind is Marilyn Monroe. And I believe that’s the original inspiration for all blonde pop stars after 1980.

Back to Christina: she tried all kinds of looks. Blonde hair, black hair, braids, perms…you name it! She had it all! So nobody could say that she tried to copy a certain celebrity. Like any other person, she must have looked for inspiration in the style of other icons such as Madonna, Janet Jackson, Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe, Carole Lombard, Greta Garbo, Veronica Lake and the list may continue…

Christina Aguilera was never a copy cat. She was here before Lady Gaga and that says a lot. The fact that she chose to support blonde hair and red lips confirms that that’s the key of succes in music and acting and that you never go wrong with them! That doesn’t mean she is the only one who can wear this style.


I never managed to say something concrete about Madonna, except for the fact that she is one of the biggest revolutions in music history. Her music, her hair, her fashion…she inspired many artists and some of them don’t mind admitting to that. Lady Gaga was one of them. In “Alejandro”, the similarities with Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” and “Human Nature” are so obious, they could cut glass. A lot of people gave their two cents about this video comparing it to Madonna’s and I believe they said enough. I don’t believe Lady Gaga is trying to be Madonna. She may be one of her biggest fans and her music and look is a tribute to the Queen of Pop. I’m just guessing.

The two pop stars made a cameo on Saturday Night Live  in October 2009. They simulated a cat fight to give the people what they wanted to see and put a stop to the rumours that the two were in some kind of a diva rivalry.

Gwen Stefani

1986 was the year No Doubt debuted on the music stage. Also, 1986 was the year Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (Lady Gaga) was born. This is the first coincidence that caught my eye. The second is that Gwen’s last name, Stefani, coincides with Lady Gaga’s first name.

I was watching one of Gwen’s videos on youtube, and I noticed that people in the comment section were comparing Lady Gaga to her. Besides the blonde hair and red lips, I can’t see the similarities. Gwen was always fashionable in a good way, and Lady Gaga sometimes tends to go into the trashy side of fashionable. Of course, both of them have clothing lines. What celebrity these days doesn’t have at least a perfume, clothing line or something like that?

If I would have to chose between the two singers, I would go for Gwen Stefani without blinking. She is one of the coolest female artists in the industry, her voice is amazing, her performances are always awesome, she is creative without whoring out. Gwen Stefani was fashionable without being obnoxious. The most shocking thing about her was the pink hair in the ’90s and when she kissed a man in the “Cool” video (for the sake of art). On the other hand, Lady Gaga did everythig she could to get attention and it seems that people are already sick of it.

Lady Gaga might have had other inspirations (like Grace Jones that was too scary for me to review here), but I wanted to point out her main three. It’s annoying to see how people bicth about Christina Aguilera that she’s the copy cat when Gaga began her career in 2006.  Not everyone is trying to be Lady Gaga. It seems like you can’t release a song or support a new look without being compared to her. I wish the stars would be treated as individuals before being judged by how much Lady Gaga-ness they have in them.

Dor de decada lui ’90 (Muzica)

Deși eram doar un copil în acea decadă, am reușit să mă bucur de cele mai bune lucruri pe care le-a avut de oferit acea perioadă (în afară de nașterea lui frati-miu în martie 1990; aia e singura perioadă a anilor ’90 pe care o blestem). La începutul lui 2000, magia anilor ’90 a început să dispară treptat și am avut parte de foarte mari porcării în muzică și televiziune. Să nu zic ce epave sunt muzica și televiziunea lui 2010, atât în România cât și peste hotare…

În anii ’90 am avut parte de o explozie în lumea muzicală. Atunci s-au născut trupe memorabile, dar care, în prezent nu mai există. Până să învăț engleza suficient de bine ca să înțeleg despre ce cântă străinii, m-am delectat cu muzica autohtonă: 3 Sud-Est, Andre, Valahia, Genius, Gaz pe Foc și A.S.I.A sunt doar câteva exemple care îmi vin în minte în momentul ăsta. Cum am spus mai devreme, niciuna din aceste trupe nu mai există pe piață. Probabil pentru că a murit farmecul anilor ’90 care nu mai sunt la fel dacă sunt transpuși în prezent. Copil fiind, le-am ascultat și agreat muzica. Până când s-au despărțit și m-am maturizat și eu. Îmi aduc aminte un moment haios de prin ’98 au ’99 când tata ne-a dus la un concert de-ale trupei Andre. Tipele erau pe scenă agitându-și echipamentul și chinuindu-se să scoată un playback decent când tata îmi spune la ureche: “Știi că și ele fac caca?”. Evident, știam că și fetele de la Andre erau oameni, dar niciodată nu mi-am imaginat că vedetele au nevoi ca oamenii de rând. Țin să îi mulțumesc lui tata că m-a ajutat să văd viața mai realist. Ăsta a fost un prim pas spre a fi obiectiv și realist, bănuiesc. I-am amintit, de curând, lui tata de faza asta și a fost uimit că am avut o memorie așa bună. S-a amuzat și el de ce prostie putea să spună în mijlocul unui concert.

O altă dezamăgire, pe lângă faptul că am aflat că fetele de la Andre se cacă, a fost playback-ul. Nu îmi închipuiam că exista o alternativă pentru cântatul propriu-zis. De atunci, începusem să elimin din lista mea de preferințe “artiștii” care recurgeau la playback. Nu acceptam scuze, mai ales pentru că îmi dădeau impresia că oameni fără voce ca mine pot face o carieră din asta (probabil asta a fost și impresia INNEI). Oricum, muzica românească părea să nu mă mulțumească cu versurile sale cvasi-penibile și muzica prea computerizată, așa că mi-am îndreptat atenția spre trupele și cântăreții de peste hotare.

Una din trupele străine care mi-a atras atenția în mod deosebit  a fost No Doubt cu videoclipul “Ex Girlfriend”. Gwen Stefani mi se părea superbă în perioada aia. O admiram pentru curajul de a-și vopsi părul roz și în secret visam să ajung ca ea: frumoasă, de succes și membra celei mai tari trupe rock a momentului. După vizionarea acelui clip, am găsit alte melodii care mi-au atras atenția și care m-au făcut să pun trupa No Doubt în topul meu de “All Time Favourites”. Pentru mine, trupa No Doubt nu a fost niciodată destrămată. Având în vedere că Gwen era cea care ținea trupa pe picioare, faptul că ea a scos câteva albume solo a fost o emancipare pentru ea. Momentan, trupa e bine mersi și mă aștept să fie din ce în ce mai geniali!

Nici nu știu cum să încep a spune că ador trupa Garbage. Și nici nu-mi aduc aminte când a apărut pasiunea mea pentru trupa de origine scoțiană. “Only Happy When It Rains” a fost și este un imn pentru copilul depresat de vară și fericit când vine toamna. Acel copil sunt eu, evident. Shirley Manson e o altă femeie de pe scena rock-ului care e superbă fără a fi nevoie să se dezbrace pe scenă și să-și vândă sufletul diavolului. În 1998, trupa lansează melodia “Special”. De fiecare dată când aud o melodie pe nume “Special”, zâmbesc. Adoram cuvântul ăsta când eram mică, probabil pentru că era un atribut la care tindeam. Nu a fost melodie Garbage care să nu-mi placă. Trupa asta a fost una din preferatele mele, din anii ’90 până în prezent. Abia aștept noul album! Da, și trupa Garbage se ține bine!

Recunosc că la sfârșitul anilor ’90 mi-a plăcut mai mult de Christina Aguilera. Motivul era simplu: pentru că prea multă lume o adora pe Britney Spears și pentru că Aguilera chiar avea voce. “Hit me baby one more time” a fost un succes imens, dar “Gennie in a bottle” mi-a atras atenția mai mult. După ce am înțeles mai bine limba engleză, mi-am dat seama că versurile erau destul de scandaloase. Nu-i de mirare că ambele prințese ale muzicii pop au luat-o pe drumuri nu tocmai creștine. Britney s-a căsătorit cu un idiot, a făcut doi copii, s-a ales cu o reputație de mamă rea și acum așteaptă o relansare. Cu toate astea, prefer să îmi amintesc de ea ca prințesa pop a anilor ’90. Pe de altă parte, Christina Aguilera a declarat că ea oricum e mai curviștină de fel și astfel, în 2002 și-a dat arama pe față cu albumul “Stripped”.

Nu vreau să deviez prea mult de la subiect. Cert e că ambele mi-au marcat copilăria din anii ’90 când erau cât de cât inocente. Le știam versurile pe de rost și vroiam să merg în SUA la unul din concertele lor. Astea erau visele mele de copil din anii ’90 când venea vorba de trupele străine. Ca pe orice copilă, m-a atins și muzica celor de la Backstreet Boys și N*Sync, dar nu ca pe o fanatică descreierată. Am fost mai mare fan Blink 182 și al melodiei care ridiculiza pop-ul anilor ’90: “All the small things”. Un clasic pe care îl fredonez și acum cu mult drag.

I’m a blonde single girl in the fantasy world
Dress me up, take your time, I’m your dollie
You’re my doll, rock and roll, feel the glamour and pain
Kiss me here, touch me there, hanky-panky

Mereu am crezut că versurile erau “I’m a blonde bimbo girl…” care, după părerea mea, se potriveau mult mai bine fetei portretizate în videoclipul “Barbie Girl” al trupei Aqua. În 1997, piesa asta făcea ravagii. I-a bușit imaginea păpușii Barbie, dar nu i-a mâncat din popularitate. I-a sporit-o ridiculizând-o în același timp. Versurile erau superficiale, dar melodia era foarte catchy și nu avea cum să nu te obsedeze! Alte melodii memorabile ale trupei erau “Dr Jones”, “My Oh My” sau “Cartoon Heroes”. Mi-au făcut copilăria mai colorată și m-am bucurat că am avut parte de muzică faină în anii ’90.

În anii ’90 am avut parte de cele mai multe “One hit wonders” în muzică. Cine nu-și aduce aminte de “Macarena” a celor de la Los del Rio? Nu au mai scos nimic memorabil de atunci, dar “Macarena” a avut un succes fulminant pe întreg mapamondul. Melodia celor de la Right Said Fred, “I’m too sexi” domină catwalk-urile și acum, dar trupa nu mai există. În ceea ce privește rap-ul, cred că toată lumea a auzit de scandaloasă piesă “Baby got back” de la Sir-mix-a-lot, care aducea un așa-zis omagiu femeilor cu rotunjimi.

Deep Blue Something au lansat în 1996 piesa “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” și de atunci…nimic notabil. Păcat! Promiteau. Și cum am putea uita de celebrul “Coco Jamboo” care ne râcâie pe creier și în 2010? În ultimul an al decadei auzeam de Eagle-Eye Cherry cu a lor “Save tonight” și îmi pare rău că a fost ultimul lor hit notabil. Anul 1999 s-a încheiat cu unul din cele mai cunoscute hituri ale decadei….unicul Lou Bega cu al său “Mambo Nr. 5”.

Mai mult ca sigur am ratat momente memorabile ale anilor ’90, dar e cam greu să acoperi 10 ani într-un singur articol. Dacă îmi amintesc de vreo trupă super pe parcurs, îi voi dedica un articol nou, cu siguranță!

Ceva îmi spune că trendul anilor ’90 revine în muzică. Lady Gaga îmi confirmă asta în “Alejandro”, care are influențe Ace of Base și Madonna.

Web Inspiration #2: Michelle Phan

“Success comes in cans, not cant’s”  is what number 1 beauty guru Michelle Phan says on her youtube page. Maybe that was her motto when she started posting beauty tutorials, back in 2007.

Vietnamese-American make up artist  Michelle Phan is one of the most beautiful girls on the web and her dream is “to help women empower themselves with this art, makeup”. Another beautiful quote that Michelle shared on her page was “Are you chasing your dreams? Or are your dreams chasing you?”. Michelle started posting videos recorded by her MacBook three years ago and now one of her dreams of becoming a professional make up artist has come true. So her quote may have something to do with her career going through the roof. From posting low quality videos (and I’m not talking about the content quality) to becoming Lancôme’s first video make-up artist takes a lot of work and perseverce, and Michelle had it!

As a long time subscriber and supporter of her channel, I am very happy for her! Too bad other people trash her channel with comments like “You’ve changed, you are a sellout!” or “Lancôme is expensive and they test on animals!”. I know Michelle is a big animal lover and would never advertise for a brand that tests on animals, so people should really stop judging her choice to support this brand. It was her dream and no Internet bully should say what she would do or not! In her “My Exciting News!” video she seems so happy about her dream coming true and she explains what being the first Lancôme video make up artist implies. I’m happy if she’s happy! This is any young girl’s dream and she made it there! Good for her!

Michelle’s page has almost 200 milion upload views and she is the first most subscribed guru on youtube. With over 800.000 subscribers it’s clear that her dreams are starting to chase her. Michelle Phan doesn’t let all the fame get to her. She also has a charity channel where she posts bloopers from her tutorials and “Every month, a selected charity from the viewer’s request will receive all of the profit accumulated from this channel”. Not only beautiful, but also kind and generous! That’s the Michelle Phan youtube knows and loves!

Why is she my web inspiration? Because ever since I started doing my make up following her advice, I feel more confident and I don’t consider myself that ugly anymore. I was pleasently surprised when Michelle did a Sailor Moon tutorial. Sailor Moon is my childhood hero and I never thought you can recreate the manga look onto your own human face! Well here is where Michelle proved me wrong! I love the look and I hope I’ll get to try it once! The ending of the video is very inspirational. It made me cry, so prepare your tissues before viewing it!

Michelle has a potty trained bunny called Mr. Bun Bun that is just adorable! No wonder her other screen name is RiceBunny! The little rascal even sleeps besides her. I could only dream of such a pet! This picture is from Michelle’s twitpic. Prepare for ultimate cuteness:

Michelle Phan’s youtube channel has videos for every ocasion. You name it: prom, graduation, wedding, make up for glasses, smokey eyes and so on and so forth… She has already done it. And let’s not mention the amazing Lady Gaga inspired make up tutorials! One word: amazing! I can bearly wait for her next tutorial! Even though I believe she can’t be even more amazing than in her previous video, Michelle is there to prove me wrong once again! 101 videos posted in 3 years seems so few to us addicted viewers who want new looks and ideas from this amazing artist!

The ricebunny who is done chasing her dreams deserves her #1 place in the guru charts and I wish her all the best. And thank you, Michelle! Thank you for inspiring me to experiment with make up and believe that every girl can be beautiful! Never let the haters bring you down!