Are blogs still a thing? (life update)

I remember that back in the day blogs were all the rage! Everyone had one and they even used to post on the daily. I know because I used to be one of those people. I used to think that if my blog were successful, I would get a good job and gain visibility on the web. Gone are the times when I cared about that stuff. I don’t want to kill off my blog completely – I promise to post at least twice a year, even though this might be a promise I will not be able to keep.


Enough about that, let’s talk about me! (I’ve always wanted to say that IRL, but somehow it’s not appropriate.) I am well. I cut out most of the negativity from my life, but we all know how roaches never die until you flush them down the toilet, and even then I might be a bit skeptical. I really need to copyright this shit, or else Taylor Swift will steal my ideas for her new album. My best friend got married last week and I was one hell of a bridesmaid! Hey, her words, not mine!:))

My former job got me to the point where I started to hate blogs and posting regularly. Maybe that was due to the fact that I HAD to. Now I don’t have a boss anymore and the only person I answer to is myself. It’s liberating. I have dyed my hair blue, green and a combination of both. It’s been a blast and I can’t wait for the next one! I wore two dresses and a skirt this year and I feel like I deserve a medal for the hard work I put in to be a damn lady! Yes, there are pictures of me wearing them. No, I will not publish them here. That’s what Facebook is for.


What I love about personal blogs is that you can rant without anyone interrupting you. What a bad trait that is – how poorly educated can a person be? Don’t even answer that! I used to get in trouble for the stuff I used to post here. Now I am not that worried since I have been on a hiatus for hell know how much time. I doubt people even read my posts. I pretty much post for future me to have a read when she’s bored. I don’t have an audience. I have nothing to sell and nothing to gain or lose.

Today was an interesting day and I will end it with a special song dedicated to someone who made me laugh so hard today I feel like I should send her a special card. Thanks, G! Girl, you’re as funny as you are a bitch!




It was “Friday! Friday!”

And so the Black Plague has ended! The infamous “Friday” video by Rebecca Black has been taken down because the record lable wasn’t making any money off of the song. The video had gotten to 167 million views before it was taken down. The song was famous for all the wrong reasons. When people typed “worst song ever” on youtube, they would find Rebecca Black’s song as their first search result.

I feel like the Rebecca Blackapolipse was like 2012: it will pass and we’ll survive it. I admit that it was a very popular and funny song, but let’s all admit that Katy Perry’s “Last Friday night” kicked ass! Besides the amazing video, the song is beyond catchy and doesn’t have stupid lyrics that state the obvious  like “Yesterday was Thursday…”. Anyway, I think this was prone to happen one day or another. Rebecca Black wouldn’t have liked to be known only for being a Friday girl. I don’t even think she’ll ever sing again after this. The fact that she made a cameo in Katy Perry’s video really boosted her immage.

Maybe the kid can sing. We’ll never get to know; maybe after she’ll change her record label. It’s too bad she had to undergo all that cyber-bullying for what has become the most popular and annoying song in history. All in all, we have “Last Friday Night” to show us how a Friday song really goes!


Of course, choosing between the front and back seat can give you headaches. It was a funny thing to sing about. Pop music will never cease to amaze me. You can sing about how much you love a certain day of the week or an item of clothing. Now it’s time for Jenna Rose to take down her music video for…any of the horrible songs that she’s made.

Since it’s still Friday, I find it weird how all the songs that come up in my playlist talk about Friday. By far my favourites are “Friday I’m in love” by The Cure and “What’s my age again” by Blink 182 ( “I took her out…It was a FRIDAY night…”). In other Friday news, I’m happy that all my summer Fridays will be free! So let’s celebrate this fifth glorious day of the week with one of the best songs out there:

Web Inspiration #3: Shane Dawson

What does peeing in your mouth, hitting Miley Cyrus with a car and imitating a getto accent perfectly have in common? Nothing, unless you know who Shane Dawson is. Anybody who’s ever been on youtube more than two weeks should have heard of Shane. He now stands at number 4 most subscribed of all time and I strongly believe he deserves more than that.

I first discovered Shane when another Web Inspiration of mine, Michael Buckley, announced the nominees for Mister Youtube. He then stated that Shane was the next best thing on youtube and that he would get 1,000,000 subscribers until the end of 2009. Buck was on to something because now Shane has over 1,930,000 subscribers and still growing. Shane has been a youtuber since  summer of 2008 and I’m sorry I didn’t discover him sooner. He now administrates 3 youtube channels: ShaneDawsonTv (that ranks in number 4 most subscribed of all time), ShaneDawsonTv2 (number 6 most subscribed) and shane (his Iphone channel that ranks in 49th most subscribed and still growing).

Shane makes all kinds of videos: from vlogs, to skits and videos where he answers questions from his fans. He also plays many characters he made up, but his most popular one is Shanaynay, a getto girl with an extra eyebrow. Shane seems to treat youtube as his life and his job. He shares everything with his fans. We’ve learned that he had weight problems when he was in high school ( Shane who once weighed 340 pounds, lost 150 pounds in nine months). Also, he made it clear that he is annoyed by the Twilight series, but loves to make fun of the plots and characters, even if some people accuse him of going too far. Other subjects that he loves to touch on and make fun of are Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Snooki from Jersey Shore and fellow youtuber, Fred. The list may continue…

Here’s an idea of who Shane is, as he stated in the video:

Shane Dawson once stated that he is an innocent guy with a dirty mouth. He claims never having sex, consuming drugs or alchool. While most parents believe these are the atributes of a role model, his videos get negative reactions from people who are way past their 30s. It seems that Shane’s humour appeals to kids, teenagers and young adults. He often talks about masturbation, anal sex, blow jobs, but most people forget to see the essence: IRONY and HUMOUR! After all, as Woody Allan said: “Don’t knock on masturbation. It’s sex with someone you love!”. Shannaynay, one of his characters is a former drug addict prostitute with STDs who lives in the gettos. Shane’s imagination seems to never be on a break. He created many other characters such as: Aunt Hilda, Ned the Nerd, S-Deezy and many spoofs of celebreties such as Miley, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Snooki from Jersey shore and so on and so forth.

Shane is well known for his music parodies. He made spoofs on songs such as “Bad Romance” and “Telephone” by Lady Gaga, “Don’t trust me” by 3OH!3 or “Blah Blah Blah” by Ke$ha. Here is one of his spoofs featuring the hilarious carachter, Ned the nerd:

Forbes magazine named him their 25th most famous web celebrity and he is known to have earned over 315.000 $ in the past year (according to It’s great to see that a person my age (actually 6 days  younger) is doing what he loves and getting paid for it. Tthe topics Shane talks about are very relatable, and being able to turn your passion into your job is a dream I also want to acheive. He never took his youtube succes for granted and he always reminds his fans and supporters how much he loves them. When he reached 1,000, 000 subscirbers on his main channel, he started crying tears of joy and made me feel good that I was one of the subscribers that changed his life.

Shane is a web inspiration with an award that proves it! He was nominated for a Teen Choice Award this year for Choice Web Star. The nominees for that category included fellow YouTubers iJustine, Charles Trippy, Lucas Cruikshank, best known for his Fred character, and singer Greyson Chance.

Speaking of iJustine, Shane invented the funniest game on the web, called the iJustine game. Basically, you play one of iJustine’s videos on mute and you put the dirtiest rap song you can find. Here’s Shane demonstrating just that:

Hands down! This man is too funny for this century!

Shane has other characters he features on his youtube channel and those are his pets: Miley (bitch-female dog), Charlie (dog), Muffins and Snoop (cats). I loved that he named his dog Miley based on the comments of his viewers. It would have been a cute name even if it wasn’t based on Miley Cyrus’ first name. Here is the naming of Shane’s dog:

Shane works his but off to give us a funny video every Saturday, an Ask Shane on monday and random funny videos throughout the week. That takes time and dedication and judging by the high quality of the videos we should be glad that subscribing is free. Shane Dawson’s dream is to have his own TV show. With the success of his three youtube channels, he shouldn’t worry about that. I just hope that after he gets his big break on TV, he won’t forget where he came from: a little place called ShaneDawsonTV.

Shane Dawson is my inspiration because he knows how to treat every little bad thing with humour. More people should be able to do that and that’s why Shane is the best innocent-dirty mouth-sensitive role model! You rock, Mister Youtube!

My favourite TV shows #1: Friends

Where do I even start? I love a lot of TV shows and each of them makes me chortle or cry, because I like extremes- both emotional and hilarious. Also, if a show has great music in it, consider me a fan already! This is the first episode of this series.


This show makes me laugh every time! Who can ever forget Joey’s “How you doin’?” catch phrase? I once saw a medley of him saying that and, boy, was it funny! Each Friends character is unique in its own way and they need one another to mentain the amuzing situations. Monica is obsessed with cleaning, Ross is known as the nerdy divorcer, Rachel is the spoiled popular girl, Pheobe is the psyhic musician, Joey the Casanova doofus and Chandler is the one who cracks jokes when he’s unconfortable.

Friends aired for 10 years, from 1994 to 2004 and it guarantees 20 to 22 minutes of laughter for every episode. The show isn’t only funny, but very relatable. If you’re in your 20s or 30s, there is certainly a Friends character you can see yourself in. I, for one, see myself as Chandler Bing, the one with a messed up family and a satirical sense of humour who makes jokes in akward situations. One of my best friends relates more to Joey Tribbiani, with her love for food, acting and the abuse of the “How you doin’?” line. In the show, Joey and Chandler were roomates and also best friends, so I can understand how she and I clicked.

There isn’t a Friends character I don’t love. I love Rachel Green for her her evolution throughout the show. In the beginning, she was the spoiled “daddy’s girl”, but till the end of the show she made a career in fashion, had a baby with Ross, the one she had an on/off relationship for the entire 10 seasons. Ross has had a crush on Rachel during her high school days, when he was in college and Rachel was Monica’s best friend. Ross was married to Carol, who turned out to be a lesbian. The two had a son named Ben. Ross never got over Rachel. Therefore, in season 4, Ross marries Emily, his British girlfriend.  At the ceremony, however, Ross says Rachel’s name instead of Emily’s during the vows. And there you have divorce number two! The third divorce occured after marying Rachel while both of them were drunk in Vegas.

Monica Geller is Ross’s little sister and Chandler’s wife as of season 7. Monica used to be overweight during her teenage years and she was constantly made fun of for that. She often felt neglected by her family. Her parents never thought she would end up getting married, so the “Monica Wedding Fund” was spent on the family beach house, even though her mother always nagged her about getting married. In the group, she is known as the Mother Hen and her apartment is one of the six friends’  main gathering places. Her husband-to-be suggested that she should become a chef, and that was her job until the season finale. Monica always wanted a family and children, but both her and Chandler were infertile so they decided to adopt. They eventually adopted twins- Erica and Jack Bing. The girl was named after the birth mother and the boy after Monica’s father.

One of the funnies moments of the pre-couple Monica and Chandler that made me chortle:

One of the sweetest people on this show was Pheobe. I say sweet because she seems to be like a kid that never wants to grow up, but she also has her moments of wisdom. She had a rough childhood and lived on the streets until the age of 13 when her mother had killed herself. Pheobe also has a twin sister, Ursula and a half brother, Frank. Her relationship with her twin sister was never really close. On the other hand, she gets to bond more with little brother Frank when she accepts to be the surrogate mother for his and his wife’s triplets: Chandler, Frank Jr Jr and Leslie. While pregnant, she enjoyed seeing people’s reactions after telling them, “I’m having my brother’s children”. Pheobe is a masseuse and a self taught musician. Her hit song on the show was “Smelly cat”, that becomes both a jingle for a kitty litter commercial (performed by another singer) and a serious commercial release (also not sung by her). Pheobe is a vegetarian and  does not eat “food with a face”. She is also against wearing fur coats, though she believes to look good in them. In season 10 she marries Mike Hannigan, whom she was introduced to by Joey in season 9.

Joey Tribbiani is a simple minded actor who played Dr. Drake Ramoray on Days of Our Lives and always reminded people about that role when he wanted to get noticed or impress someone. Joey comes fron an Italian American family of 8, of which he was the only male. Joey is a “stereotypical” actor: oversexed, under-educated and constantly looking for work. He was ordained as a minister in The One with the Truth About London, and officiated at both Monica and Chandler and Phoebe and Mike’s weddings. Joey was Chandler’s roomate until Chandler moved in with Monica. While living together, they bought a chick and a duck together, whom Chandler had named Yasmine and Dick, respectively. Joey had a one week fling with Rachel, but they decided to be just friends at the end. Joey’s famous pickup line was “How you doin’?” that worked almost every time on the ladies he was flirting with. Unfortunately, it didn’t work on Chandler:

He was the only one of the 6 friends that remained unmarried and he had his own show “Joey” where he pursues his acting career in Hollywood.

Now it’s time to talk in more detail about Chandler Bing, my personal favourite character of the show. I relate to him the most because I also try to make a joke when I’m unconfortable and I also hate social situations when I have nothing to say. Chandler comes from a disfunctional family. His dad was a transvestite who slept with a servant when Chandler was a kid. The fact that Charles Bing became gay led to Chandler’s parents divorcing. Chandler’s famous catchphrase is  “Could I be more…?” with emphasys on the “be”. Throughout the show, Chandler claims he started using humor as a defense mechanism when his parents broke up, and tends to make jokes when he is nervous. Chandler’s middle name is Muriel and he often got picked on because of it. He claimed it was a family name coming from his father’s part of the family.

This is one of the best Chandler Bing moments ever, in my opinion:

All in all, Friends is one of the best shows that had ever aired. It made me realize that humour is a great way to get trough life and that friends are the ones who make your life worth wile. I dedicate this post to all my real friends!

Pentru că orice prietenie începe cu o pizza

Azi a fost o zi lungă și obositoare, dar uite că în articolul ăsta nu îmi vine să mă plâng. Sigur, oameni de căcat sunt la tot pasul, dar fix ăia sunt cei care te ajută să îi apreciezi pe cei care îți aduc zâmbetul pe buze.

Ca să sar de la una la alta fără o logică prestabilită, sunt mare fan Friends. În ultima vreme vorbesc numai în citate din Friends și pe accente care mai de care mai variate. Persoana cu care vorbesc în astfel de citate e un wannabe Joey Tribianni care are cel mai haios “How you doin’?” de pe plaiurile mioritice! Am căzut de comun acord cu Măriuca să o trec Joey în agenda telefonului. Pentru că pur și simplu ascunde un pui de Tribianni în ea! Personajul din Friends cu care mă asemăn eu e Chandler, dar nu am să discut foarte mult despre asta pentru că articolul ăsta îi e dedicat Măriucăi și abilității ei excelente de a comanda pizza!

În drum spre casă:

Măriuca: Hai să comandăm pizza de acum!

Eu: Păi…

Măriuca: Ce e?

Eu: Nu…

Măriuca: Nu-ți știi adresa???

Eu: Hei! Abia m-am mutat, da? Știu că e în Sectorul 2 pe șoseaua Colentina. A, și în București!

Măriuca: Incredibil!

Detalii, detalii! Ajungem în fața blocului și facem poză la adresa de pe bloc ca să spunem celor de la pizza unde să vină. Măriuca sună să dea comanda.

Pizza Tei: Ați mai facut comandă la noi?
Mariuca: Nu..
Pizza Tei: Cum vă numiți?
Mariuca: Anca Petrescu
Pizza Tei: Numărul de telefon?
Mariuca: 0724.214….

La o adică, puteam să dau și eu comanda, dar cuiva îi place să se folosească de identitatea altora. O fi vreun vis ascuns de-al ei să aibă numele meu, sau cine știe care-i treaba?! În timpul în care comanda pizza pe numele meu, eu abia mă abțineam din râs.

Faza și mai haioasă a fost când a primit un telefon de la ăia cu pizza: “Doamna Anca Petrescu, v-a sosit comanda!”. Măriuca avea o privire de genul “cine dracului e Anca asta?”.

Revenind la paralela cu Joey și Chandler din Friends. Faptul că Măriuca s-a folosit de numele meu, mi-a adus aminte de ziua în care Joey și-a făcut programare la pensat pe numele lui Chandler. Totuși, nu a diminuat cu nimic penibilul situației. Auziși, Măriuco? Situația nu se poate plia pe cea din serial, dar înțelegi unde bat…

Haioasă zi! Mersi, “Joey”!:D

Google nu-i pentru toată lumea!

Am strâns peste 50 de screencaps cu ce a mai căutat lumea pe google de a dat peste blogul meu. Îi invidiez sincer pe oamenii cu o imaginație atât de bogată. Nici prin gând nu mi-ar trece să caut asemenea tâmpenii. Probabil pentru că imaginația mea nu a atins asemenea cote.

Hai să vedem cu ce ne amuzăm și pe cine aplaudăm:

Scuzați-mă, dar nu era youtube locul unde cauți tot felul de filmulețe cu tâmpiți dansând pe “Single Ladies”? De ce ai căuta pe google ceva ce vrei să găsești pe hi5? Și de ce ai ajuns pe blogul meu? Nu știi că cele mai relevante rezultate sunt primele? Bine, dar având în vedere că ai tastat cu picioarele și fără creier, nu mă mir că ai ajuns în locul nepotrivit. Dar eu te primesc cu drag, timid utilizator al Google-ului!

Nu e niciun secret că internetul e plin de perverși care caută o largă varietate de filme porno. Dar pe mine mă minunează cum de ajung aici. N-am filme porno cu femei și câini. Scârbos! Din nou observăm cum entuziasmul de a găsi filmul porno dorit a atins cote maxime, utilizatorul Google e mult prea nerăbdător să vadă dacă a scris bine. Și nu e primul de genul ăsta! Aveți grijă să scrieți “porno” corect, că altfel ajungeți de râsul lumii. Nu de alta, dar eu n-am ce face și îmi place să mă iau de oameni proști.

Recunosc: am fobie de clovni și nu-mi place Harry Potter. Am văzut câteva fragmente din film acum câțiva ani și eram gen: “boooring!”. Nu îmi plac filmele de genul ăsta. Singurul film/desen animat cu puteri super wow care mi-a plăcut a fost și este Sailor Moon. Atât!

Măi, oameni buni, lăsați-o în pace pe Miley! Se aruncă constant cu căcat în ea. Are 18 ani, pentru numele lui Dumnezeu! Nu e o curvă. Curvă e Tila Tequila. Miley doar crește. Devine femeie. Asta nu o face curvă. Lăsați-o să trăiască! Ok, a avut pozele alea stupide ca de pițipoancă de pe la noi. Dar asta n-o face curvă. Adică nu merită să fie comparată cu Tila Tequila sau Kim Kardashian. Alea sunt curve. Măcar Miley nu a avut niciodată o casetă porno.

Dacă Lady Gaga ar arăta vreodată normal, nu ar mai fi Lady Gaga. Ar fi doar Stefani Germanotta. Și femeia asta răspunde la acest nume doar când e chemată la tribunal. Și probabil că doar acolo arată ca restul oamenilor. Lady Gaga nu a pozat nud explicit. Eu nu o văd pe coperta lui Playboy. Are mai mult stil. A pozat nud “ascuns” pentru OUT și Rolling Stones, dar nu o văd pe coperta Playboy în veci. Nu pare genul ei.

Utube l’obsession? Credeam că în țările francofone tot “Youtube” se zice. Și da, poți avea o obsesie cu youtube-ul. Eu dacă nu intru zilnic pe youtube, înnebunesc! Youtube e un loc genial unde poți găsi tot ce vrei (În afară de filme porno, mai ales regale…regale? Serios? Doamne!!!). Acolo nu trebuie să scrii “caut un videoclip în genul sailor moon”. Pur și simplu tastezi “sailor moon”. Simplu, nu?

Din nou cu vorbitul cu Miley. De data asta, pe google. Cum? Cum poți vorbi cu cineva pe google? Înțeleg că motorul ăsta de căutare te ajută să găsești anuminte informații, dar nu te ajută să vorbești pe bune cu cineva, fie om normal sau vedetă. Încearcă skype, messenger, facebook, msn…din astea…

Lady Gaga naked tocmai ți-am dat, dar ce ai cu Michelle Phan? Fata e super frumoasă, într-un mod angelic. Nu o văd pozând goală vreodată. Ea face ce știe cel mai bine, și anume tutoriale de make-up.

Ăsta e unul din preferatele mele:

Mai am o groază de screenshots cu ce a mai căutat lumea pe google, dar cred că vă ajung două pe postare.:)

Don’t be a whore at the Jersey Shore!

I’ve been meaning to talk about MTV’s show Jersey Shore ever since this winter, but it seemed I never managed to put my ideas together. Basically, Jersey Shore is a reality show that follows eight housemates spending their summer on the New Jersey Shore. Their names are: Jenni Farley (JWoww), Michael Sorrentino (The Situation), Nicole Polizzi (Snooki), Paul DelVecchio (DJ Pauly D), Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Sammi Giancola (Sammi Sweetheart), Vinny Guadagnino and Angelina Pivarnick.

It’s funny how this show is called Jersey Shore and only one cast member is actually from New Jersey (Sammi). Pauly D is from Rhode Island and the others come from New York. This show doesn’t have a clear punchline. It just shows how eight strangers can live in the same house. That’s not something new. Big Brother had that years ago. So what’s so interesting about this show? At the Jersey Shore, the cast members are allowed to go out and party and get to talk on the phone. They also have to get a job at the T-shirt store to earn their living at the shore house. They all get super tanned, because that’s what a real guido does. But I’ll get to the “guido” part later.

First, let’s meet the cast:

The Girls


*Get your hand out of your pants, you pervert!*

JWoww claims that she’s the ultimate maneater. “After I have sex with a guy, I will rip their heads off”… That’s what she sais in the promo of the show. After this, I may have to call you a whore! Just like that! JWoww had a boyfriend back home, but she eventually hooked up with castmate Pauly D in episode 3 of the show after a drunk night at Karma, the bar where they usually hung out. Her stupid boyfriend forgave her infidelity and even sent her a bunch of red roses. What a loser! JWoww’s boobs are fake, as you might have realised by now, and so is her hair. She usually wears blonde extentions with her dark brown hair. Not a very inspired move, I might say. In the Shore house she is BFFs with Snooki. For her 21st birthday she got a boob job. She must have known Jersey Shore was just around the corner. Smooth move, girl!


Self-proclaimed “Kim Kardashian” of Staten Island, Angelina Pivarnick is proud of her “all natural” figure. She acts like she is the only woman in the world who has curves. Angelina left the show in episode 3 and her castmates couldn’t be happier about this. She didn’t get along with anyone in the Shore house and caused drama especially among her male castmates. The drama queen didn’t approve of all the girls that were brought home by Pauly D and Mike “The Situation”. She left the show because she refused to work her shift in the t-shirt shop. She wasn’t used to this kind of work. Back home in New York she is a bartender and she does “amazing things”. Whatever you say, hon! Take care now! The Shore isn’t gonna miss you!

Sammi “Sweetheart”

“The sweetest bitch you’ll ever meet” came to the Shore to have some fun and maybe become famous. I added the last part. She caught “The Situation” ‘s eye and they had a fling in the first two episodes until she strikes up a relationship with fellow castmate, Ronnie. Sammi had the reputation of a heartbreaker all her life. But her friends still call her a sweetheart. Sammi and Ronnie have sex in the Shore house and she found that normal. Really? That fast? You could’t wait until the cameras were gone? At the Jersey Shore reunion, Sammi and Ronnie break up and she makes a hell of a scene.


Snooki was practically the star of this show. When you hear “Jersey Shore”, you picture a 4ft.9in tall orange midget with a bump it…and there’s your reality show! Nicole came to The Jersey Shore to find the man of her dreams, but at the end all she did was make out with a couple of guys at the club and hooking up with castmate Mike “The Situation” in the hot tub. The ideal man for Snooki fits the guido stereotype: macho, full of seroids and tanned like and orange. Hey! They have to have matching skin tones! Snooki had trouble fitting in with the rest of the cast at first, but after a man punched her in the face in the fourth episode, that incident made her bond with her roomies.

Here’s the video of Snooki getting punched:

I felt sorry for her and I believe that no man should ever hit a girl, under any circumstances.

The Guys

Pauly D

Pauly D is a DJ from Rhone Island who has a passion for tanning and gelling his hair until it’s bullet proof. He owns a tanning salon in his own house and claims to spend 25 minutes a day on his hair. He is one of the most cockiest guys in the house. He is BFF with Mike “The Situation”. Pauly D is Mike’s wingman that always gets the less attractive girl. But what are freinds for at the Shore? When Pauly D hooks up with JWoww she looks in his pants and sees his pierced manhood. He told E! Entertainment that he is not shy to reveal his private parts in a Playgirl issue claiming he is not shy at all. Ok, we get that you’re not shy, but please keep that thing away! There’s nothing worse than a man slut. Who reads Playgirl? Seriously now! Stick to tanning and hair gelling!

Mike “The Situation”

The other most cockiest guy in the house has an obsession: himself! His quotes are memorable: ” This is The Situation right here, my abs are so ripped up it’s … we call it The Situation”…Please, make him stop! My head is killing me! He is so confident, he believes that any girl can fall for him. Than why did castmate Sammi trade him for Ronnie? I’m just sayin’! Mike thought that he was the big daddy in the Shore house by cooking dinner every night and organizing stuff. Also, he was proud of the fact that he brought girls home every night. There’s no secret that he was the biggest male whore at the Shore.


He is a tanned version of Johnny Bravo that came to the Jersey Shore with a rule: “Never fall in love at the Jersey Shore”. He eventually broke that rule when striking up a relationship with fellow castmate Sammi. They have an up and down romance until they break up at the Jersey Shore reunion when Ronnie sees a video of his girlfriend talking to Mike “The Situation”. Ronnie got in a fight with a guy on the Shore deck because he didn’t leave him and Sammi alone. He got arrested in episode 8 for getting into a brawl with that guy.


The self-confessed mama’s boy waited all his life to have some adult fun at the shore. He wasn’t envolved in much drama and so I considered him boring at first. But in episode 6 he hooks up with his landlord’s cougar girlfriend. He feared getting kicked out of the house, but he made it till the last episode. Mike introduced him to his little sister and Vinny thought they might start a fling. But when he saw her, his reaction was: “She’s Mike without a sixpack…I was not into it.” He is the youngest cast member. Oh, and his eyebrows freak me out! Be a man and let them be natural!

This show had it’s highlights: fist pumping in the club, hair extentions, fights, hooking up with random strangers, chilling in the hot tub, getting tanned until your skin is orange and Snooki’s bizzare way of eating a pickle… 

The term “Guido/guidette”

“Guido” is a slang term for a working class or lower class urban Italian American. The guido stereotype is multi-faceted. Primarily, it is used as a demeaning term for Italian Americans, as the word guido is derived from either the Italian proper name Guido or a conjugation of the Italian verb guidare (“to drive”). More recently, it has come to also encompass Italians who conduct themselves as thugs with an overtly macho attitude.

Clothing associated with the stereotype includes gold chains (often Herringbones, pinky rings,Figaro chains, cornicellos, or saint medallions), clothing such as plain T-shirts, muscle shirts, leather jackets, sweat or tracksuits, scally caps, unbuttoned dress shirts, z cavariccis, bowling shirts, and dress suits. Slicked-back hair or pompadours are a common stereotype, as are moustaches. Recently, heavily gelled or pomaded “blow out” hair has become a common stereotype. The hairstyle is commonly referred to as the blowout or Brookyn fade – “Brook”, for short.


Watching this show was fun and shocking at the same time. Emphasys on the episode when Snooki gets punched. I didn’t necessarily like it, but I couldn’t help but watching it. I was just too curious what the buzz was about. This show should be an example of: “Watch us but don’t act like us!”.