It was “Friday! Friday!”

And so the Black Plague has ended! The infamous “Friday” video by Rebecca Black has been taken down because the record lable wasn’t making any money off of the song. The video had gotten to 167 million views before it was taken down. The song was famous for all the wrong reasons. When people typed “worst song ever” on youtube, they would find Rebecca Black’s song as their first search result.

I feel like the Rebecca Blackapolipse was like 2012: it will pass and we’ll survive it. I admit that it was a very popular and funny song, but let’s all admit that Katy Perry’s “Last Friday night” kicked ass! Besides the amazing video, the song is beyond catchy and doesn’t have stupid lyrics that state the obvious  like “Yesterday was Thursday…”. Anyway, I think this was prone to happen one day or another. Rebecca Black wouldn’t have liked to be known only for being a Friday girl. I don’t even think she’ll ever sing again after this. The fact that she made a cameo in Katy Perry’s video really boosted her immage.

Maybe the kid can sing. We’ll never get to know; maybe after she’ll change her record label. It’s too bad she had to undergo all that cyber-bullying for what has become the most popular and annoying song in history. All in all, we have “Last Friday Night” to show us how a Friday song really goes!


Of course, choosing between the front and back seat can give you headaches. It was a funny thing to sing about. Pop music will never cease to amaze me. You can sing about how much you love a certain day of the week or an item of clothing. Now it’s time for Jenna Rose to take down her music video for…any of the horrible songs that she’s made.

Since it’s still Friday, I find it weird how all the songs that come up in my playlist talk about Friday. By far my favourites are “Friday I’m in love” by The Cure and “What’s my age again” by Blink 182 ( “I took her out…It was a FRIDAY night…”). In other Friday news, I’m happy that all my summer Fridays will be free! So let’s celebrate this fifth glorious day of the week with one of the best songs out there:


When role models go wrong…

When I was about thirteen I was, like other girls that age, looking for a role model. In music, in television…anywhere I could. In the spring of 2003 this girl was singing on TV about how some people can be down right complicated and that they should calm down and be who they are. Than won my heart and back in the day I was one of the biggest Avril Lavigne fans out there. She’s the celebrity that introduced me to hair straightening and I was very dissapointed because I couldn’t get that same result. Who knew there was such thing as a straightening iron? Anyway, enough about hair care and crap like that.

I loved Avril’s music, her style, her accent…I was a big fan and I memorized each line of her songs. I started writing lyrics that could go along with the music. Don’t ask me where those lyrics are now; it’s been a while! I used to say that Sk8er boi was and would always be my favourite song ever. And it’s true. I still love that song. Avril Lavigne was a trendsetter and an actual role model to me. Ever since she came onto the music scene, I starded straightening my hair as much as I could without a flat iron and started wearing ties with my shirts. And that trend caught on to the whole teen population. It was a good switch for girls to lose the trashy Spice Girls’ outfits and get avril-ized!

Avril once said in an interview that she would never like to be labled as a “pop chick” and that she’s a “full on rock chick”. Back in the day, she was the trendsetter for punk girls who wanted to express themselves through song. Having someone come and say that she didn’t want to be the new Britney Spears was awesome to hear. I believe that at that time only she and P!nk were the real rock chicks in the biz’.

I can honestly say that Avril Lavigne made my journey through my early teens a lot easier. She was a bold young lady that wasn’t afraid to express herself. In 2004 she released her second album, Under My Skin. That album was beyond amazing and the songs on it were actually passages from her diary. Her look was more goth like, but she was still apreciated. I was still her biggest fan. I can remember my Avril wall back at home filled with photos of her. Yes, I used to me a mega fan. I was also a big fan of Sum 41 and to hear that Avril and the band’s frontman, Derrick Wembley were dating, made me happy for both of them. When I saw a news segment on MTV on their marriage I was left in awe. They were perfect for eachother! Too bad they broke up a few years later.

Not too much time flew by and Avril started becoming the one thing she sweared she hated: the new Britney Spears. She posed for Maxim magazine three times now. That’s not the Avril Lavigne that I knew and apreciated.The fact that she started showing more and more skin was dissapointing. I know, I know…she grew up and all, but that’s not staying true to yourself! It’s indeed a big step to go from this:

to this:

And also a sad step. Avril is now known as one of the sexiest women in showbiz. Was that what she really wanted from the beginning? I mean, yes, it’s flattering and all, but girls these days should focus less on their damn looks and stay true to what they believe in. I know this sounds cliche as hell, but it’s true! Less cleavage, more attitude! At least that’s what the old Avril used to embrace! And yes, there was an old Avril and a new one. The old Avril sang from her heart and the new one is too superficial in her lyrics. The music is catchy as hell. It’s almost like a guily pleasure, but “You say that I’m messing with your head/ All ’cause I was making out with your friends”? Come on, would 2003 Avril sing such a thing?

I still love her, but there was no evolution. She indeed must be making more money with the product placement and the self image she didn’t want to promote. But that doesn’t define Avril Lavigne to me! I don’t hate her, but I believe there’s still time for her to go back to her rock chick roots!

Until then, I’ll stick to my cartoon role models!

Best voices on Youtube

I’m on youtube every day and I’m subscribed to 128 channels: comedy, news, vlogs, skits and much more. One particular type of channels I can’t live without are the musicians. I’ve discovered many amazing voices through youtube and I instantly became a fan of their music. I can’t believe many of these musicians are not signed and don’t have an album out yet. Here is a list of my favourite youtube musicians that fill my ears with melodic delight.

Cameron Marion

I discovered Cameron trough Stirfry TV. Her voice and music video for “Save us” was jaw dropping! I instantly fell in love with her music and you can bet that song was on repeat the whole week! I wanted to tell more people about this amazing performer, so I posted the video on my Facebook wall so other people could get to know her greatness! It was a shocker for me to see how professional her video looked and only had 2000 views at the time I discovered her. Such talent needs promoting! I love Country music and I would most certainly put Cameron Marion next to Carrie Underwood, Sugarland and The Dixie Chicks in my Top Country Music Preferences. What I love about Cameron, besides her awesome music, is that she is down to earth, nice, and actually replied to me on twitter. That was very nice of her! I consider her a celebrity already and I am most flattered that a celebrity replied to me and also retweeted what I said!

Cameron is a star in the making and I am hoping for someone to make her more mainstream. She is worth it. Such voice and talent shouldn’t be limited just to youtube! Producers, forget about voice-less wannabes! Cameron is your girl! Here’s her video for “Save us”, if anyone needs to understand why I love her music so much!

On her channel, Cameron has some awesome covers too! Go show the girl some love!


Annanarieee22, by her youtube username, was brought to my attention by the same people that showcased Cameron Marion: Stirfry TV. Avery is a 15 year old girl with a killer voice that made me subscribe to her channel before “Love me or let me go” got to the chours! People say she’s a lot like Avril Lavigne, judging by her style, but I believe Avery has her own personality and we should remember: it’s Avery, not Avril! Another down to earth person, Avery was nice enough to reply to me on twitter aswell. I really apreciate when musicians take time out of their day to talk to fans. In case you didn’t understand until now, Avery, I am a fan!

Her covers of hip pop music have a personal touch and that’s where we get to apreciate her voice even more. Hell, she sings Justin Bieber songs even better that the Biebz himself! Hands down, Avery rocks! She already has two original songs: “Love me or let me go” and “Sick of hating your guts” along with covers of Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber songs. And so on and so forth. Check out her channel for more.

This is her her original music video for “Love me or let me go”. Love it! You can’t help but not to!

Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider

When Glee started I looked for “Don’t stop believing” on youtube and I saw a video with over 7 million views. It wasn’t the Glee cast performing, but four guys that looked the same. Actually it was one multiplied Sam Tsui that amplified his great voice by 400%. Such an amazing voice deserves a standing ovation! Great job, Sam! But…great job, Kurt, aswell! Kurt Hugo Schneider is Sam’s producer on youtube, his best friend and Yale colleague. These boys are talented, great musicians and they don’t neglect education, taking into consideration that they attend one of the world’s best colleges!

Besides amazing covers like “Don’t stop believing” by Journey or “Unwell” by Matchbox 20, Sam and Kurt sang and produced their own amazing pieces of work. They made a 4 episode web series called “College Musical” that had great success, so College Musical The Movie is in the works. If you ask me, they totally kicked High School Musical’s ass with this!

“Don’t want an ending” is an amazing song, completed by a perfect video that praise Sam’s voice and acting skills and Kurt producing, directing and editing skills. Should I add that this song is also addictive?

David Choi

One of youtube’s oldies but goldies, David Choi claims: “I am an unsigned singer/songwriter/producer. I make these videos to inspire, entertain, educate, and inform”. And he does a great job, if I do say so myself! David has been on youtube since 2006 and he’s one of the most respected musicians on the site. He started by alternating original songs and covers on his channel. In 2007 he released the song “That Girl” that finally got it’s own music video in May of 2010. I guess it was worth the wait, because the video looks amazing, and I guess he has the boys from WongFuProductions to thank for that.

David has an amazing voice and he already released two albums: “Only You”, in October 2008 and “By My Side”, released on May 18, 2010.  For one man to single-handedly write, sing and produce his own music, two albums in two years is an amazing acheivement.

Here is “That Girl” from mid 2010, an amazing song and video that define David Choi as the great artist that he is:

Youtube is a great place for talent to make its first steps. Someone is bound to discover youtube musicians and turn them into superstars. Two simple examples of such cases are Justin Bieber and Esmee Denters. I wish for more musicians on youtube  to get their big break and pursue their dream of singing for a living!

Gaga Music Awards recap.Girl power FTW!

Even though Eminem was the opening act of the show, girl power dominated this year’s MTV Video Music awards. Maybe that’s why Eminem had to sing and leave. He knew that it was ladies’ night at the VMAs. His duet with Rihanna was great. They look good together on stage. I’m loving RiRi’s new hair! Girl power FTW!

Chelsea Handler hosted this year’s show and she was hilarious! It was the first time in 16 years when a woman hosted the VMAs. Before getting on stage, the comedian had her ass slapped by a lot of men and…Lindsay Lohan. I know! Who? Linds told her to watch her drinking. Yeah, that is a cameo we would all love to forget. Chelsea made an entrance that was inspired by Lady Gaga, but the gig didn’t go past the Ra-Ra-Ra from “Bad Romance”, because that’s all they got to in reherlals. This year’s VMA host paid a tribute, more or less, to Lady Gaga by dressing up as crazy as she could. She had a house on her head and a dove flying out of her crotch. I thought it was Lady Gaga herself the whole performance, but the house’s garage door made things clear for everyone.

What post 2009 VMA show would be complete without a Kanye West refferal? Chelsea gave a random person the “My award-My choice” as a demonstration to what artists accepting the VMAs should do if someone would interrupt their speech. And on with the show…

Ellen DeGeneres gave a funny mini-speech before announcing the nominees for Best Female Video. It’s like she had to remind everyone of how awesome she is! Lady Gaga won the first award of the night for Best Female Video for “Bad Romance”. In her acceptance speech she told her fans that they were “the cool kids at the party”. The Monster Mommy was wearing Alexander McQueen, to pay a tribute to the deceased designer. Lady Gaga’s speech was nice, but I could’t help but noticing the look on Katy Perry’s face when she lost an award to one of her rivals. Her expression was like “You may have won this one, bitch, but the rest are mine!”. If Katy only knew…

Justin Bieber’s performance was announced by one of his biggest fans, Kim Kardashian, who remembered she had a restraining order to keep away from him. Her passion for him is creepy, because what straigh woman would go for a 28 year old lesbian? Justin first performed “Baby”, followed by a lip sync fail to “Somebody to love”. Now that’s the moment he should have said “Pink elephant, pink elephant” and nobody would have noticed the boo boo. He then went at the drums and another boo boo was around the corner: he dropped a drumb stick, but not much people seemed to have noticed that.

Justin’s menthor, Usher, had a pink elephant fail during his performance and everyone saw the obvious lip sync and the tired dancing. We gotta give Usher a break, the man is getting old and can’t sing and dance like back in the days when everyone was screaming “Yeah!”.

The cast of Glee presented the nominees for Best Pop Video and I loved it when Jane Lynch said Keisha instead of Ke$ha. It’s the girl’s fault for having a misleading name. That’s why she should call herself Ke-dollar sign-HA. Props to Michael Buckley for that idea! Lady Gaga won the award for “Bad Romance”. Katy Perry looked pissed again and she seemed to have told the person next to her “That Gaga bitch beat me again! She needs to die!”. Relax, Katy! You didn’t get a moon man this year, but you met your dream man last year. It’s a win-win situation for both of you gals!

One of the most anticipated performances of the evening, Taylor Swift sang a song about the Kanye incident from last year, “I guess you really did it this time”: “Lost your balance on the tight rope/it’s never too late to get it back… Today is never too late to be brand new… Every one of us has messed up too. I hope you remember today’s never too late…to be friends with you….You’re still an innocent.” A whole song dedicated to an idiot that did something bad to you? Come on, Taylor, you can do better than that! Actually, no, because that’s your whole song writing purpose: to sing about men that did you wrong. This performance was too deep for the VMAs. We should all forgive and forget. It’s been a year already! Get over it, Taylor!

In the skit for Best New Artist In a Video, Chelsea Handler chases Justin Bieber for his hair, thinking it’s a wig and he’s like “Weren’t you my baby sitter?”. Justin is hilarious! He thinks that every 30+ year old woman was his baby sitter once.

The douchebags from The Jersey Shore were on stage in a hot tub and Snooki dared Chelsea to join them by calling her “Bitch”. Very classy of our Snooks, for sure! The moment Chelsea got in the tub, The Situation made one of his mind blowing remarqes: “We got a Situation!”. It’s like that’s the most interesting thing he can say. It’s gotta be sad to be so limited. The funny part was when Chelsea got out of the hot tub with a big fake belly, suggesting she was pregnant. Again, “We got a Situation!”…It was annoying 5 minutes ago! Now someone has to shoot this guy!

B.O.B. had a great performance with Haley Williams and Bruno Mars and Haley sang “Only Exception”. I loved how one song went into the other. Pefect mash-up! It was a shame they didn’t win anything, hence the many nominations.

The winner for Best New Artist in a Video went to Justin Bieber who couldn’t find the stage and he looked like my cat when I hide his toy frog! Justin Bieber has comedy potential so, Disney, hit him up! Nobody threw a water bottle…boring!

Cher announced the winner for Video of The Year in her “If I could turn back time” outfit that now seems ok for MTV. Back when she was young, she was like the Lady Gaga of the MTV stone age. Speaking of Lady Gaga, she won the award for her “Bad Romance” video. She accepted her award wearing a meat dress that PETA isn’t going to be too happy about and asking Cher to hold her meat purse. Indeed, that is an odd request. Lady Gaga said that she was nervous that she would let her fans down if she didn’t win. She revealed the name of her new up-coming record called “Born this way” and immediately bursted into tune “I’m beautiful in my way ’cause God makes no mistakes…”. The acceptance speech was beautiful and she started crying and reminded the fans how much she loves them.

Kanye West wraped up the night with his “Toast for the douchebags”. At first, I thought he was talking about himself, being the self absorbed ass hole that he is. But it seemed that the song was adressed to Taylor Swift. “You’ve been putting up with my s–t for way too long,” he sang to close out the night. “Let’s have a toast for the douchebags/ Let’s have a toast for the a-holes/ Let’s have a toast for the scumbags.” I guess they’re even!

The night had great performances from Eminem, Rihanna, B.O.B, Haley Williams, Bruno Mars, Drake and Mary J. Blige.

Here’s the complete list of winners for this year’s MTV Video Music Awards:

• Video of the Year: “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga
• Female Video: “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga
• Male Video: “Not Afraid,” Eminem
• Rock Video: “Kings and Queens,” 30 Seconds to Mars
• Pop Video: “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga
• Hip-Hop Video: “Not Afraid,” Eminem
• Collaboration: “Telephone,” Lady Gaga feat. Beyoncé
• Dance Video: “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga
• Choreography: “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga
• Editing: “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga
• Direction: “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga
• Special Effects: “Uprising,” Muse
• Art Direction: “Dog Days Are Over,” Florence + the Machine
• Cinematography: “Empire State of Mind,” Jay-Z and Alicia Keys

All in all, the award show should have been called The MTV Gaga Music Awards, because she was the centre of atention tonight! And congratulations to Chelsea Handler for hosting the show! She did a great job! Girl power FTW!

Dor de decada lui ’90 (Muzica)

Deși eram doar un copil în acea decadă, am reușit să mă bucur de cele mai bune lucruri pe care le-a avut de oferit acea perioadă (în afară de nașterea lui frati-miu în martie 1990; aia e singura perioadă a anilor ’90 pe care o blestem). La începutul lui 2000, magia anilor ’90 a început să dispară treptat și am avut parte de foarte mari porcării în muzică și televiziune. Să nu zic ce epave sunt muzica și televiziunea lui 2010, atât în România cât și peste hotare…

În anii ’90 am avut parte de o explozie în lumea muzicală. Atunci s-au născut trupe memorabile, dar care, în prezent nu mai există. Până să învăț engleza suficient de bine ca să înțeleg despre ce cântă străinii, m-am delectat cu muzica autohtonă: 3 Sud-Est, Andre, Valahia, Genius, Gaz pe Foc și A.S.I.A sunt doar câteva exemple care îmi vin în minte în momentul ăsta. Cum am spus mai devreme, niciuna din aceste trupe nu mai există pe piață. Probabil pentru că a murit farmecul anilor ’90 care nu mai sunt la fel dacă sunt transpuși în prezent. Copil fiind, le-am ascultat și agreat muzica. Până când s-au despărțit și m-am maturizat și eu. Îmi aduc aminte un moment haios de prin ’98 au ’99 când tata ne-a dus la un concert de-ale trupei Andre. Tipele erau pe scenă agitându-și echipamentul și chinuindu-se să scoată un playback decent când tata îmi spune la ureche: “Știi că și ele fac caca?”. Evident, știam că și fetele de la Andre erau oameni, dar niciodată nu mi-am imaginat că vedetele au nevoi ca oamenii de rând. Țin să îi mulțumesc lui tata că m-a ajutat să văd viața mai realist. Ăsta a fost un prim pas spre a fi obiectiv și realist, bănuiesc. I-am amintit, de curând, lui tata de faza asta și a fost uimit că am avut o memorie așa bună. S-a amuzat și el de ce prostie putea să spună în mijlocul unui concert.

O altă dezamăgire, pe lângă faptul că am aflat că fetele de la Andre se cacă, a fost playback-ul. Nu îmi închipuiam că exista o alternativă pentru cântatul propriu-zis. De atunci, începusem să elimin din lista mea de preferințe “artiștii” care recurgeau la playback. Nu acceptam scuze, mai ales pentru că îmi dădeau impresia că oameni fără voce ca mine pot face o carieră din asta (probabil asta a fost și impresia INNEI). Oricum, muzica românească părea să nu mă mulțumească cu versurile sale cvasi-penibile și muzica prea computerizată, așa că mi-am îndreptat atenția spre trupele și cântăreții de peste hotare.

Una din trupele străine care mi-a atras atenția în mod deosebit  a fost No Doubt cu videoclipul “Ex Girlfriend”. Gwen Stefani mi se părea superbă în perioada aia. O admiram pentru curajul de a-și vopsi părul roz și în secret visam să ajung ca ea: frumoasă, de succes și membra celei mai tari trupe rock a momentului. După vizionarea acelui clip, am găsit alte melodii care mi-au atras atenția și care m-au făcut să pun trupa No Doubt în topul meu de “All Time Favourites”. Pentru mine, trupa No Doubt nu a fost niciodată destrămată. Având în vedere că Gwen era cea care ținea trupa pe picioare, faptul că ea a scos câteva albume solo a fost o emancipare pentru ea. Momentan, trupa e bine mersi și mă aștept să fie din ce în ce mai geniali!

Nici nu știu cum să încep a spune că ador trupa Garbage. Și nici nu-mi aduc aminte când a apărut pasiunea mea pentru trupa de origine scoțiană. “Only Happy When It Rains” a fost și este un imn pentru copilul depresat de vară și fericit când vine toamna. Acel copil sunt eu, evident. Shirley Manson e o altă femeie de pe scena rock-ului care e superbă fără a fi nevoie să se dezbrace pe scenă și să-și vândă sufletul diavolului. În 1998, trupa lansează melodia “Special”. De fiecare dată când aud o melodie pe nume “Special”, zâmbesc. Adoram cuvântul ăsta când eram mică, probabil pentru că era un atribut la care tindeam. Nu a fost melodie Garbage care să nu-mi placă. Trupa asta a fost una din preferatele mele, din anii ’90 până în prezent. Abia aștept noul album! Da, și trupa Garbage se ține bine!

Recunosc că la sfârșitul anilor ’90 mi-a plăcut mai mult de Christina Aguilera. Motivul era simplu: pentru că prea multă lume o adora pe Britney Spears și pentru că Aguilera chiar avea voce. “Hit me baby one more time” a fost un succes imens, dar “Gennie in a bottle” mi-a atras atenția mai mult. După ce am înțeles mai bine limba engleză, mi-am dat seama că versurile erau destul de scandaloase. Nu-i de mirare că ambele prințese ale muzicii pop au luat-o pe drumuri nu tocmai creștine. Britney s-a căsătorit cu un idiot, a făcut doi copii, s-a ales cu o reputație de mamă rea și acum așteaptă o relansare. Cu toate astea, prefer să îmi amintesc de ea ca prințesa pop a anilor ’90. Pe de altă parte, Christina Aguilera a declarat că ea oricum e mai curviștină de fel și astfel, în 2002 și-a dat arama pe față cu albumul “Stripped”.

Nu vreau să deviez prea mult de la subiect. Cert e că ambele mi-au marcat copilăria din anii ’90 când erau cât de cât inocente. Le știam versurile pe de rost și vroiam să merg în SUA la unul din concertele lor. Astea erau visele mele de copil din anii ’90 când venea vorba de trupele străine. Ca pe orice copilă, m-a atins și muzica celor de la Backstreet Boys și N*Sync, dar nu ca pe o fanatică descreierată. Am fost mai mare fan Blink 182 și al melodiei care ridiculiza pop-ul anilor ’90: “All the small things”. Un clasic pe care îl fredonez și acum cu mult drag.

I’m a blonde single girl in the fantasy world
Dress me up, take your time, I’m your dollie
You’re my doll, rock and roll, feel the glamour and pain
Kiss me here, touch me there, hanky-panky

Mereu am crezut că versurile erau “I’m a blonde bimbo girl…” care, după părerea mea, se potriveau mult mai bine fetei portretizate în videoclipul “Barbie Girl” al trupei Aqua. În 1997, piesa asta făcea ravagii. I-a bușit imaginea păpușii Barbie, dar nu i-a mâncat din popularitate. I-a sporit-o ridiculizând-o în același timp. Versurile erau superficiale, dar melodia era foarte catchy și nu avea cum să nu te obsedeze! Alte melodii memorabile ale trupei erau “Dr Jones”, “My Oh My” sau “Cartoon Heroes”. Mi-au făcut copilăria mai colorată și m-am bucurat că am avut parte de muzică faină în anii ’90.

În anii ’90 am avut parte de cele mai multe “One hit wonders” în muzică. Cine nu-și aduce aminte de “Macarena” a celor de la Los del Rio? Nu au mai scos nimic memorabil de atunci, dar “Macarena” a avut un succes fulminant pe întreg mapamondul. Melodia celor de la Right Said Fred, “I’m too sexi” domină catwalk-urile și acum, dar trupa nu mai există. În ceea ce privește rap-ul, cred că toată lumea a auzit de scandaloasă piesă “Baby got back” de la Sir-mix-a-lot, care aducea un așa-zis omagiu femeilor cu rotunjimi.

Deep Blue Something au lansat în 1996 piesa “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” și de atunci…nimic notabil. Păcat! Promiteau. Și cum am putea uita de celebrul “Coco Jamboo” care ne râcâie pe creier și în 2010? În ultimul an al decadei auzeam de Eagle-Eye Cherry cu a lor “Save tonight” și îmi pare rău că a fost ultimul lor hit notabil. Anul 1999 s-a încheiat cu unul din cele mai cunoscute hituri ale decadei….unicul Lou Bega cu al său “Mambo Nr. 5”.

Mai mult ca sigur am ratat momente memorabile ale anilor ’90, dar e cam greu să acoperi 10 ani într-un singur articol. Dacă îmi amintesc de vreo trupă super pe parcurs, îi voi dedica un articol nou, cu siguranță!

Ceva îmi spune că trendul anilor ’90 revine în muzică. Lady Gaga îmi confirmă asta în “Alejandro”, care are influențe Ace of Base și Madonna.

Guilty pleasures in music

The fact that I’m one of Lady Gaga’s biggest fans isn’t something new. She just has those kind of songs that get stuck in your head and you can’t stop crooning them for days and even weeks. Also, the lyrics to her songs are so easy to memorate because they are so catchy. I learned the lyrics to “Telephone” after I listened to it once or twice. I guess that’s the secret to a pop hit: a catchy tune and easy to learn lyrics.

Ever since 2006 I’ve also been a Miley Cyrus fan. I know people are going to bash me and say that I’m nuts, but just hear me out! Her songs are very catchy and she has a special kind of charisma, even though a lot of people hate her. The truth is that she is always noticed for something. I remember that the first Miley song that got stuck in my head was the Hannah Montana theme song, “Best of both worlds”. It’s fun, it’s catchy and it’s a very positive song and you have that rockstar feeling when you’re listening to it. Or maybe that’s just me!

Another Miley Cyrus song I’m loving is “Party in the USA”. Its video has been viewed over 100 milion times on youtube and it’s still growing in views. Who even cares if she’s never listened to a Jay-Z song before she recorded this song? That song was heard in a taxi on her way to the club. As a person who wants to go to the USA one day, this song is fun and very catchy.

Actually, all of Miley’s songs are catchy and people listen to them whether they like them or not. A lot of people hate her and a lot love her. Whatever the case, her music will still rock the charts! She is one of my guilty pleasures in pop music at the moment.

Who would have thought that a 16 year-old could be a daily trending topic on twitter? Former youtuber Justin Bieber has some of the most catchiest songs of the moment. Of course he might look like a 7 year-old with a lesbian haircut, but his songs are the kind that get stuck in your head without you even wanting that. At first I was like “Who is this kindergarden dude who’s singing about girls and love?”, but after listening to more of his songs I believe that he’s got a pretty good voice and catchy tunes. His songs may not be relatable to everyone, but you can’t say they can’t get stuck in your head.

Just the other day I couldn’t stop humming “Baby”. It’s a nice song, even though it’s actually kinda sad. I just realized that by listening more carefully to the lyrics.

“For you, I would have done whatever
And I just can’t believe, we ain’t together
And I wanna play it cool, But I’m losin’ you
I’ll buy you anything, I’ll buy you any ring
And im in pieces, Baby fix me
And just shake me til’ you wake me from this bad dream

Im going down, down, down, dooown
And I just cant believe my first love would be around.”

It seems that sad pop songs with an upbeat melody are bound to become smash hits! And if you add a famous rapper into the equation, you are sure to get almost 150 milion views in only two months. Great job, Justin!

What happenes if you get Taylor Swift drunk and throw her into a tub of glitter? You get 23-year old pop sensation Ke$ha who is famous for her #1 single,  “Tik Tok”. The girl looks like a mess and her lyrics are ridiculous and I’m wondering why I listen to her music! You know how things that catch your eye (or in this case, your ears) are maybe obscene, strange or just beautiful? Well, Ke$ha’s music is just catchy. It’s not something that you can relate to (I mean, who brushes their teeth with Jack Daniel’s?) and the lyrics are ridiculous, but it’s still a fun song to listen to and which can easily get stuck in your head.

Another one’s of Ke$ha’s songs is a cameo with 3OH!3. It’s called “Blah Blah Blah” and it’s just as catchy as “Tik Tok”. Again, the lyrics are stupid as hell (yes, again with the Jack), but she still manages to make a hit out of it! I guess drunk blondes sell! I don’t approve her message in her songs, but they just have that tune that makes you listen to them over and over again…

These were my guilty pleasures in music. I’d love to see what your’s are. If I posted that I like Ke(dollarsign)Ha!’s songs, so can you!

Lady Gaga goes to prison for not having a dick!!! (“Telephone” music video review)

Finally, the video for Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s “Telephone”  is out and it already hit 2,006,293 views on youtube. Gaga has been teasing her fans for months about this video and now here it is! I’ve been listening for this song for a long time and I had somewhat of a scenario in mind of how the video is going to look like. Leave it to Gaga to surprise us all! You might think that “Telephone” would be a video in which two girls argue with their boyfriends about them leaving them alone while clubbing. Hell no! Since Gaga wrote the script for this one, the punchline is completely left out just for the amazement of the viewers.

“Telephone” starts with Lady Gaga being thrown in prison and stripped of her dress. And not any prison, The Prison for Bitches! She is left in fishnet stakings and black duct tape covering her nipples. And yes, she went comando for this one! But does Gaga stay in her cell bed crying? No way! She climbs up the prison bars with her legs wide open. That sitrs the coolest reaction ever: “I told you she didn’t have a dick!”. At last someone said it! Now it’s official! Thanks to the “Telephone” music video, the world now knows that Lady Gaga is 100% woman.

Next we see Lady Gaga in the Bitch Prison courtyard wearing a pair of smoking shades. I mean literally smoking, because they were made of lit cigarettes. Also she has some chains on, fact that reminds us that she is still a convict and a classy one indeed. The other convicted bitches stare at her with envy and a rather manly lady comes up to Gaga and starts making out with her. She touches the wo-man’s crotch and takes her Virgin Mobile phone. And there’s the first product placement scene.

Let’s not forget that the title of this video is “Telephone”. While some girls were fighting, Gaga gets a phone call from Beyonce and that’s when the singing starts. It’s kinda weird seeing Lady Gaga telling Beyonce that she’s in a club and not able to hear her. As I mentioned earlier, the punchline of the video isn’t the same with the one of the song. In this part of the video we have product placement number two. Lady Gaga has her hair up using Diet Coke cans. She is a fashion icon and anything she puts in her hair, clothes or face becomes a piece of art, no matter how cheap or trashy it may seem.

I can’t get over how much she resembles Madonna from her “Papa don’t preach” years with those thick black eyebrows, the bleached blonde hair and bloody red lips.

Finally, Gaga gets bailed out by Beyonce. Before letting her go, the police officer checks her online dating site. And here we have product placement number three for the website. Might I need to add that the officer’s screen name was MissOfficer? I thought that was kind of obvious. Before walking out the office, Gaga makes a Michael Jackson “Smooth Criminal” move.

Beyonce waits for her in the Pussy Waggon from Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill” with a very mum-like attitude: “You’ve been a very bad girl. A very very bad bad girl, Gaga!”. Is it just me, or do you tend to hear “Caca” instead of “Gaga”? Then Beyonce takes a bite out of a 50 cent honey bun and feeds some to Gaga too, like she was her bitch or something then throws it away.

The philosophers in Lady Gaga and Beyonce now come out. They say something like “Once you’ve killed a cow, you gotta make a burger” and “Trust is like a mirror-you can fix it if it’s broke but you can still see the crack in that motherfucker’s reflection”. I didn’t quite understand what they were talking about, but that is some deep shit quoting!

The next scene takes place in a diner where Beyonce meets up with her douchebag boyfriend. And no, I’m not talking about Jay-Z. While this guy goes to the bar to slap a girl’s ass and to get in argument with some other guy, Beyonce pours poison in his coffee. Gaga is in the kitchen with some guys who are wearing make up and makes poisoned food for everyone at the diner. She is wearing a blue, strange looking telephone on her head and yet again, what she is singing doesn’t match what she’s doing in the video.

Almost everyone in the diner dies and the rest who are alive dance along with Gaga and Beyonce. The two divas are wearing outfits that match the coulours and simbols of the American flag. After they ditch the diner,we have Gaga dancing besides a car wearing a leopard print suit and a matching taxi driver hat. The police are on the lookout for the two women suspected to have murdered the people in the diner, according to the news report in the video.

Lady Gaga and Beyonce escape in a “Bonnie and Clyde” manner promising eachother they will never come back. They hold hands and we are promised that the story “Will be continued…”.

The video was awesome but also confusing taking into consideration the video didn’t conform with the lyrics. Lady Gaga has, once again, outdone herself with this video. “Telephone” was indeed the most anticipated 9 minues and 32 seconds ever. It was worth the wait. It was shocking, funny, crazy and scary, all at the same time. I can’t wait to see what Lady Gaga pulles out of her sleave next!

“I told you she didn’t have a dick!”…Priceless!