It was “Friday! Friday!”

And so the Black Plague has ended! The infamous “Friday” video by Rebecca Black has been taken down because the record lable wasn’t making any money off of the song. The video had gotten to 167 million views before it was taken down. The song was famous for all the wrong reasons. When people typed “worst song ever” on youtube, they would find Rebecca Black’s song as their first search result.

I feel like the Rebecca Blackapolipse was like 2012: it will pass and we’ll survive it. I admit that it was a very popular and funny song, but let’s all admit that Katy Perry’s “Last Friday night” kicked ass! Besides the amazing video, the song is beyond catchy and doesn’t have stupid lyrics that state the obvious  like “Yesterday was Thursday…”. Anyway, I think this was prone to happen one day or another. Rebecca Black wouldn’t have liked to be known only for being a Friday girl. I don’t even think she’ll ever sing again after this. The fact that she made a cameo in Katy Perry’s video really boosted her immage.

Maybe the kid can sing. We’ll never get to know; maybe after she’ll change her record label. It’s too bad she had to undergo all that cyber-bullying for what has become the most popular and annoying song in history. All in all, we have “Last Friday Night” to show us how a Friday song really goes!


Of course, choosing between the front and back seat can give you headaches. It was a funny thing to sing about. Pop music will never cease to amaze me. You can sing about how much you love a certain day of the week or an item of clothing. Now it’s time for Jenna Rose to take down her music video for…any of the horrible songs that she’s made.

Since it’s still Friday, I find it weird how all the songs that come up in my playlist talk about Friday. By far my favourites are “Friday I’m in love” by The Cure and “What’s my age again” by Blink 182 ( “I took her out…It was a FRIDAY night…”). In other Friday news, I’m happy that all my summer Fridays will be free! So let’s celebrate this fifth glorious day of the week with one of the best songs out there:


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