Pop’s never gonna die. And here are some reasons…

Pop music is the first kind of music that gets stuck in your head. We can all admit to that. If we try and relate pop music to a person, we’ll all say: Lady Gaga! And why is that? Because she stands out with her outfits and make up. Why most pop icons such as Lady Gaga catch your eye with looks, pop music catches your ears with the funky beat and catchy tune. Usually, when I find myself humming, it’s always a pop song. Of course, I love rock and country even more, but there’s something about pop music that I just can’t get out of my head. Is it even funny that that’s the name of a famous pop song? 2001’s “Can’t get you out of my head” by Kylie Minogue was the answer I was looking for. So it seems that pop is so popular that it even has a song dedicated to its addictiveness.

Usually, people judge commercially recorded music and I don’t blame them. But why would more and more meaningless lyrics be more loved that deep lyrics that we find in rock and country music? Because of the music! Take Justin Bieber for instance. Everybody seems to hate his guts, but his music is successfull because of its beat. People listen to it, love it or hate it, but still come back to listen to it again. It’s like a reassurement. Do they hate it but secretly indulge in it or do they actually love it and don’t realize it? I blame myself for that. Back in 1999, there was some kind of competition between the pop princesses Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. I was on team Christina, but that didn’t mean I hated Britney Spears. I just wanted to be part of something. That was team Christina. And this brings me to another motive why pop’s never going to die.

Kids want to look up to someone. They need a role model. If it’s not their parents, it’s a pop star. I remember when I was younger, I looked up to the famous pop stars bacause they had everything: fame, fortune and people who loved them. That was my conception back then. Now I wouldn’t want that. Oh well, maybe I’d keep the fortune, because we all need to make a living somehow, right?

Pop music represents all kinds of dreams. For instance, a lot of girls would want to date a member of a pop group or a solo male vocalist. Who can forget how many girls wanted Justin Timberlake or Nick Carter to be their boyfriends? Now those shoes have been filled by Justin Bieber and… hmm, I guess I’m behind on that subject having considered that all fangirls these days only want him. Come to think of it, we don’t really have boy pop groups, do we?

Nowadays, there are a few pop icons that serve as role models for both girls and boys. Ke$ha, Vanessa Hudgens and Lindsay Lohan are certainly out of the question. I guess that a good pop icon is one that can refrain from showing her underwear. Whoever finds that person, give me a comment on this blog post, please! Thinking this troughly, I can’t find a pop star who would be able to keep her clothes on and her ass out of rehab (No, not even you, Miley Cyrus! Pole dancing desqualifies you instantly). Maybe someone like Vanessa Carlton, Michelle Branch, P!nk, Nelly Furtado or Kelly Clarkson are the ones that make good role models in pop culture. I know that most people don’t even remember the first two and that Nelly Furtado had one skanky song, but we let her get away with it (“Promiscous girl”- remember that one?).

MTV has been the creator of pop sensations worldwide.  Without The Music Television we wouldn’t know what’s hot and what’s not and who’s in and out of the pop industry. I grew up with MTV and separated the good from the bad. MTV had awesome TV shows in the late ’90s but lost its touch in the late 2000s. Yes, I’m reffering to Daria/Beavis and Butthead versus Jersey Shore/16 and pregnant. That was then and this is dumb! It’s sad to see that we’re not evolving into something smarter. It’s sad to see that pop culture today is negative culture.

It’s 2010 and the biggest pop sensation these days is, without a doubt, Lady Gaga. But is she a good role model? Sure, she’s crazy- genius, but I think she’s trying too hard. It’s a shame you can’t have pop without all the flash and trash on you. People wouldn’t even recognize her without all the wigs, glitter and crazy make up. I’d love to see her perform without all these accessories. For all I know, she would take this message literaly and sing naked, dressed only in her voice. Be that as it may, I’ll hear about it on the news and see the new twist in pop culture.

No wonder pop is the abreviation of  “popular”. Whoever gates the most love/hate, that’s the most popular person, or in this case, the biggest pop star. All in all, pop culture is somewhat like high school. The attention whores are popular and the ones who mind their own business will soon be forgotten. Does anyone even remember great singers like Michelle Branch or does she have to strip to get attention? Come to think of it, I think she already did.

I thought so!



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