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I’m on youtube every day and I’m subscribed to 128 channels: comedy, news, vlogs, skits and much more. One particular type of channels I can’t live without are the musicians. I’ve discovered many amazing voices through youtube and I instantly became a fan of their music. I can’t believe many of these musicians are not signed and don’t have an album out yet. Here is a list of my favourite youtube musicians that fill my ears with melodic delight.

Cameron Marion

I discovered Cameron trough Stirfry TV. Her voice and music video for “Save us” was jaw dropping! I instantly fell in love with her music and you can bet that song was on repeat the whole week! I wanted to tell more people about this amazing performer, so I posted the video on my Facebook wall so other people could get to know her greatness! It was a shocker for me to see how professional her video looked and only had 2000 views at the time I discovered her. Such talent needs promoting! I love Country music and I would most certainly put Cameron Marion next to Carrie Underwood, Sugarland and The Dixie Chicks in my Top Country Music Preferences. What I love about Cameron, besides her awesome music, is that she is down to earth, nice, and actually replied to me on twitter. That was very nice of her! I consider her a celebrity already and I am most flattered that a celebrity replied to me and also retweeted what I said!

Cameron is a star in the making and I am hoping for someone to make her more mainstream. She is worth it. Such voice and talent shouldn’t be limited just to youtube! Producers, forget about voice-less wannabes! Cameron is your girl! Here’s her video for “Save us”, if anyone needs to understand why I love her music so much!

On her channel, Cameron has some awesome covers too! Go show the girl some love!


Annanarieee22, by her youtube username, was brought to my attention by the same people that showcased Cameron Marion: Stirfry TV. Avery is a 15 year old girl with a killer voice that made me subscribe to her channel before “Love me or let me go” got to the chours! People say she’s a lot like Avril Lavigne, judging by her style, but I believe Avery has her own personality and we should remember: it’s Avery, not Avril! Another down to earth person, Avery was nice enough to reply to me on twitter aswell. I really apreciate when musicians take time out of their day to talk to fans. In case you didn’t understand until now, Avery, I am a fan!

Her covers of hip pop music have a personal touch and that’s where we get to apreciate her voice even more. Hell, she sings Justin Bieber songs even better that the Biebz himself! Hands down, Avery rocks! She already has two original songs: “Love me or let me go” and “Sick of hating your guts” along with covers of Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber songs. And so on and so forth. Check out her channel for more.

This is her her original music video for “Love me or let me go”. Love it! You can’t help but not to!

Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider

When Glee started I looked for “Don’t stop believing” on youtube and I saw a video with over 7 million views. It wasn’t the Glee cast performing, but four guys that looked the same. Actually it was one multiplied Sam Tsui that amplified his great voice by 400%. Such an amazing voice deserves a standing ovation! Great job, Sam! But…great job, Kurt, aswell! Kurt Hugo Schneider is Sam’s producer on youtube, his best friend and Yale colleague. These boys are talented, great musicians and they don’t neglect education, taking into consideration that they attend one of the world’s best colleges!

Besides amazing covers like “Don’t stop believing” by Journey or “Unwell” by Matchbox 20, Sam and Kurt sang and produced their own amazing pieces of work. They made a 4 episode web series called “College Musical” that had great success, so College Musical The Movie is in the works. If you ask me, they totally kicked High School Musical’s ass with this!

“Don’t want an ending” is an amazing song, completed by a perfect video that praise Sam’s voice and acting skills and Kurt producing, directing and editing skills. Should I add that this song is also addictive?

David Choi

One of youtube’s oldies but goldies, David Choi claims: “I am an unsigned singer/songwriter/producer. I make these videos to inspire, entertain, educate, and inform”. And he does a great job, if I do say so myself! David has been on youtube since 2006 and he’s one of the most respected musicians on the site. He started by alternating original songs and covers on his channel. In 2007 he released the song “That Girl” that finally got it’s own music video in May of 2010. I guess it was worth the wait, because the video looks amazing, and I guess he has the boys from WongFuProductions to thank for that.

David has an amazing voice and he already released two albums: “Only You”, in October 2008 and “By My Side”, released on May 18, 2010.  For one man to single-handedly write, sing and produce his own music, two albums in two years is an amazing acheivement.

Here is “That Girl” from mid 2010, an amazing song and video that define David Choi as the great artist that he is:

Youtube is a great place for talent to make its first steps. Someone is bound to discover youtube musicians and turn them into superstars. Two simple examples of such cases are Justin Bieber and Esmee Denters. I wish for more musicians on youtube  to get their big break and pursue their dream of singing for a living!


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  1. Kevin · November 2, 2013

    danielle ate the sandwich should totally be on this list check her out daniellesmagic on youtube she has the prettiest voice I’ve ever heard and her original songs are undescribable

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