Why I hate Facebook

This may come off as weird because I have a Facebook account and I check it on a regular basis, but I have my reasons for hating the site.

First of all, I hate it when Facebook suggest who I should be friends with. What the hell? I don’t care if we have 50 mutual friends and we both like Hannah Montana! I still don’t know you and I don’t want to add you as my friend. A few weeks ago I had the dean of my former college suggested as a friend. I understood where that was coming from, but I still don’t want to be friends with him! Also, Facebooks recommends a lot of pages I “might” like. I admit, some of them are according to my tastes, but others are just plain ridiculous!

Another thing I hate about Facebook is that it gives some people the opportunity to brag. People brag their asses off on Facebook and they love it! I wonder if they would do that in real life and shouting it out to their 467 friends. Just immagine someone preparing their microphone and yelling “Attention friends, I want each and every one of you to know that I just got back from downtown New York and it was awesome!”(this being applied to those people who don’t normally live in New York). For those third world friends in your list that have never been outside Europe or their shitty country, that’s the kind of bragging they don’t need to hear. They might feel bad enough that they are stuck in their crappy country with no money to take a vacantation far west. I’m not telling you not to share any news at all, but when you know others aren’t as fortunate as you, try and keep it on the low. Call me crazy, but I hate it when my Facebook updates are full of bragging news.

Another part of bragging on Facebook is when people make special albums of awesome places they’ve visited. For me, it’s painful to browse through those photos because I’m one of those third world kind of friends. I know this is an envy overloaded paragraph, but I believe a lot of people can relate to this. If not, feel free to delete me as a friend. You’d be doing both of us a favour! Don’t get me wrong, albums and status updates are a great way to express your personality. You can update people on important stuff or share your thoughts through a status update, but don’t brag about shit that might make other people feel bad. Also, an album or a few photos are a good way to remind your friends how you look, considering the fact that you don’t get to see them as often as you would want to. And maybe one of the reasons is because those friends are too busy. Well they don’t seem too busy to facebook. Why not meet up, instead of commenting on a status update or an album.

Speaking of meetings, I’m sure everyone gets those invites to events that aren’t even in your area. I, for one, am tired of RSPV-ing as Not Attending every time I get an invite. Some of the invites are useless. I once got an invite for the year 2013. I don’t think I need to be invited to a new year. Everyone’s invited and the new year will come either we like it or not. I won’t even begin to rant about the stupid invitations to events that people don’t gove a crap about.

Relationship status changes on Facebook are like an online love story that everyone can watch. The most dramatic changes are the one from “Married” to “Single” or, even worse, “Widowed”. God forbid the last one! What I don’t understand about relationship statuses on Facebook is the “It’s Complicated” one. What’s so complicated about that relationship? You like him, but you don’t know if he likes you back? Are you just fuck buddies? Do you fight all the time and you want people on Facebook to know about that? Are you in an on and off relationship? What makes some relationships complicated on Facebook? I’d love to get an answer to that one day. Another funny thing I found on Facebook is when people have their relationship status “It’s complicated with…”. So I guess the other person knows that your relatonship is complicated. Maybe  you’re both complicated, or baybe just one of you. But why do people express their complicated status on the internet? Do they think that their Facebook friends are going to solve their problem and their status will not be that complicated anymore? Many questions that need answering. I sure hope someone will take some time out of their day to answer at least one of them.

That’s my two cents for now on why I hate Facebook. Don’t get me wrong now. I like updating my profile with the stuff I wrote on my blog or a new drawing on Deviant Art. I like keeping in touch with friends and sharing funny or interesting videos on my wall, but those above were the stuff I hate on Facebook.



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  2. facebookuser · January 6, 2013

    i can totally relate to this article, especially the bragging pics n album part. uploading few pics is OK, but I don’t get it when people upload 80-90 pics in a single album! who in the world goes through all those pics??
    n why are some people obsessed with their face?? i don’t mean profile pic but when you have an album saying “hey tatz meeee!!!” with 100 pics only of your face, it really blows off my circuits!!

  3. hillme.. · June 29, 2011


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