Web Inspiration #3: Shane Dawson

What does peeing in your mouth, hitting Miley Cyrus with a car and imitating a getto accent perfectly have in common? Nothing, unless you know who Shane Dawson is. Anybody who’s ever been on youtube more than two weeks should have heard of Shane. He now stands at number 4 most subscribed of all time and I strongly believe he deserves more than that.

I first discovered Shane when another Web Inspiration of mine, Michael Buckley, announced the nominees for Mister Youtube. He then stated that Shane was the next best thing on youtube and that he would get 1,000,000 subscribers until the end of 2009. Buck was on to something because now Shane has over 1,930,000 subscribers and still growing. Shane has been a youtuber since  summer of 2008 and I’m sorry I didn’t discover him sooner. He now administrates 3 youtube channels: ShaneDawsonTv (that ranks in number 4 most subscribed of all time), ShaneDawsonTv2 (number 6 most subscribed) and shane (his Iphone channel that ranks in 49th most subscribed and still growing).

Shane makes all kinds of videos: from vlogs, to skits and videos where he answers questions from his fans. He also plays many characters he made up, but his most popular one is Shanaynay, a getto girl with an extra eyebrow. Shane seems to treat youtube as his life and his job. He shares everything with his fans. We’ve learned that he had weight problems when he was in high school ( Shane who once weighed 340 pounds, lost 150 pounds in nine months). Also, he made it clear that he is annoyed by the Twilight series, but loves to make fun of the plots and characters, even if some people accuse him of going too far. Other subjects that he loves to touch on and make fun of are Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Snooki from Jersey Shore and fellow youtuber, Fred. The list may continue…

Here’s an idea of who Shane is, as he stated in the video:

Shane Dawson once stated that he is an innocent guy with a dirty mouth. He claims never having sex, consuming drugs or alchool. While most parents believe these are the atributes of a role model, his videos get negative reactions from people who are way past their 30s. It seems that Shane’s humour appeals to kids, teenagers and young adults. He often talks about masturbation, anal sex, blow jobs, but most people forget to see the essence: IRONY and HUMOUR! After all, as Woody Allan said: “Don’t knock on masturbation. It’s sex with someone you love!”. Shannaynay, one of his characters is a former drug addict prostitute with STDs who lives in the gettos. Shane’s imagination seems to never be on a break. He created many other characters such as: Aunt Hilda, Ned the Nerd, S-Deezy and many spoofs of celebreties such as Miley, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Snooki from Jersey shore and so on and so forth.

Shane is well known for his music parodies. He made spoofs on songs such as “Bad Romance” and “Telephone” by Lady Gaga, “Don’t trust me” by 3OH!3 or “Blah Blah Blah” by Ke$ha. Here is one of his spoofs featuring the hilarious carachter, Ned the nerd:

Forbes magazine named him their 25th most famous web celebrity and he is known to have earned over 315.000 $ in the past year (according to indyposted.com). It’s great to see that a person my age (actually 6 days  younger) is doing what he loves and getting paid for it. Tthe topics Shane talks about are very relatable, and being able to turn your passion into your job is a dream I also want to acheive. He never took his youtube succes for granted and he always reminds his fans and supporters how much he loves them. When he reached 1,000, 000 subscirbers on his main channel, he started crying tears of joy and made me feel good that I was one of the subscribers that changed his life.

Shane is a web inspiration with an award that proves it! He was nominated for a Teen Choice Award this year for Choice Web Star. The nominees for that category included fellow YouTubers iJustine, Charles Trippy, Lucas Cruikshank, best known for his Fred character, and singer Greyson Chance.

Speaking of iJustine, Shane invented the funniest game on the web, called the iJustine game. Basically, you play one of iJustine’s videos on mute and you put the dirtiest rap song you can find. Here’s Shane demonstrating just that:

Hands down! This man is too funny for this century!

Shane has other characters he features on his youtube channel and those are his pets: Miley (bitch-female dog), Charlie (dog), Muffins and Snoop (cats). I loved that he named his dog Miley based on the comments of his viewers. It would have been a cute name even if it wasn’t based on Miley Cyrus’ first name. Here is the naming of Shane’s dog:

Shane works his but off to give us a funny video every Saturday, an Ask Shane on monday and random funny videos throughout the week. That takes time and dedication and judging by the high quality of the videos we should be glad that subscribing is free. Shane Dawson’s dream is to have his own TV show. With the success of his three youtube channels, he shouldn’t worry about that. I just hope that after he gets his big break on TV, he won’t forget where he came from: a little place called ShaneDawsonTV.

Shane Dawson is my inspiration because he knows how to treat every little bad thing with humour. More people should be able to do that and that’s why Shane is the best innocent-dirty mouth-sensitive role model! You rock, Mister Youtube!


One comment

  1. Ed · November 14, 2010

    I agree that he doesn’t need a t.v. show. He’s already stamped out a large market through youtube, and a lot of the things he says and does he couldn’t do on most t.v. shows anyway. That being said I only wish him more success, he is a comedic master!

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