Lady Gaga wasn’t here before the world! Get over it!

A while back I was stating that I was the biggest Lady Gaga fan out there. I liked the fact that she wasn’t afraid to take risks in music or fashion and she seemed original. After everyone became Gaga crazy, fans started to accuse a bunch of old school female singers that they were copying Lady Gaga.

Christina Aguilera

The former Mickey Mouse star grew up to become one of the most edgy pop stars out there. In 2002 she let out her Dirty side with the “Stripped” album. With less and less clothes on, the pop princess took the risk of being called an attention whore. She didn’t mind the bad press because she knew that she was being true to who she was. Christina claimed that she had always had a dirty side to her and the world had to see it sooner or later. When she launched the “Not Myself Tonight” music video in April 2010, people labelled her as a Lady Gaga wannabe. When did blonde hair and red lips become a Lady Gaga fashion statement? This combination was popular way before Gaga was even born! The first reference of this fashion that comes to my mind is Marilyn Monroe. And I believe that’s the original inspiration for all blonde pop stars after 1980.

Back to Christina: she tried all kinds of looks. Blonde hair, black hair, braids, perms…you name it! She had it all! So nobody could say that she tried to copy a certain celebrity. Like any other person, she must have looked for inspiration in the style of other icons such as Madonna, Janet Jackson, Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe, Carole Lombard, Greta Garbo, Veronica Lake and the list may continue…

Christina Aguilera was never a copy cat. She was here before Lady Gaga and that says a lot. The fact that she chose to support blonde hair and red lips confirms that that’s the key of succes in music and acting and that you never go wrong with them! That doesn’t mean she is the only one who can wear this style.


I never managed to say something concrete about Madonna, except for the fact that she is one of the biggest revolutions in music history. Her music, her hair, her fashion…she inspired many artists and some of them don’t mind admitting to that. Lady Gaga was one of them. In “Alejandro”, the similarities with Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” and “Human Nature” are so obious, they could cut glass. A lot of people gave their two cents about this video comparing it to Madonna’s and I believe they said enough. I don’t believe Lady Gaga is trying to be Madonna. She may be one of her biggest fans and her music and look is a tribute to the Queen of Pop. I’m just guessing.

The two pop stars made a cameo on Saturday Night Live  in October 2009. They simulated a cat fight to give the people what they wanted to see and put a stop to the rumours that the two were in some kind of a diva rivalry.

Gwen Stefani

1986 was the year No Doubt debuted on the music stage. Also, 1986 was the year Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (Lady Gaga) was born. This is the first coincidence that caught my eye. The second is that Gwen’s last name, Stefani, coincides with Lady Gaga’s first name.

I was watching one of Gwen’s videos on youtube, and I noticed that people in the comment section were comparing Lady Gaga to her. Besides the blonde hair and red lips, I can’t see the similarities. Gwen was always fashionable in a good way, and Lady Gaga sometimes tends to go into the trashy side of fashionable. Of course, both of them have clothing lines. What celebrity these days doesn’t have at least a perfume, clothing line or something like that?

If I would have to chose between the two singers, I would go for Gwen Stefani without blinking. She is one of the coolest female artists in the industry, her voice is amazing, her performances are always awesome, she is creative without whoring out. Gwen Stefani was fashionable without being obnoxious. The most shocking thing about her was the pink hair in the ’90s and when she kissed a man in the “Cool” video (for the sake of art). On the other hand, Lady Gaga did everythig she could to get attention and it seems that people are already sick of it.

Lady Gaga might have had other inspirations (like Grace Jones that was too scary for me to review here), but I wanted to point out her main three. It’s annoying to see how people bicth about Christina Aguilera that she’s the copy cat when Gaga began her career in 2006.  Not everyone is trying to be Lady Gaga. It seems like you can’t release a song or support a new look without being compared to her. I wish the stars would be treated as individuals before being judged by how much Lady Gaga-ness they have in them.


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  1. Apartments Marbella · September 8, 2010

    Madonna is the most intensive singer that ever lived. I love her and all her songs.

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