Web Inspiration #2: Michelle Phan

“Success comes in cans, not cant’s”  is what number 1 beauty guru Michelle Phan says on her youtube page. Maybe that was her motto when she started posting beauty tutorials, back in 2007.

Vietnamese-American make up artist  Michelle Phan is one of the most beautiful girls on the web and her dream is “to help women empower themselves with this art, makeup”. Another beautiful quote that Michelle shared on her page was “Are you chasing your dreams? Or are your dreams chasing you?”. Michelle started posting videos recorded by her MacBook three years ago and now one of her dreams of becoming a professional make up artist has come true. So her quote may have something to do with her career going through the roof. From posting low quality videos (and I’m not talking about the content quality) to becoming Lancôme’s first video make-up artist takes a lot of work and perseverce, and Michelle had it!

As a long time subscriber and supporter of her channel, I am very happy for her! Too bad other people trash her channel with comments like “You’ve changed, you are a sellout!” or “Lancôme is expensive and they test on animals!”. I know Michelle is a big animal lover and would never advertise for a brand that tests on animals, so people should really stop judging her choice to support this brand. It was her dream and no Internet bully should say what she would do or not! In her “My Exciting News!” video she seems so happy about her dream coming true and she explains what being the first Lancôme video make up artist implies. I’m happy if she’s happy! This is any young girl’s dream and she made it there! Good for her!

Michelle’s page has almost 200 milion upload views and she is the first most subscribed guru on youtube. With over 800.000 subscribers it’s clear that her dreams are starting to chase her. Michelle Phan doesn’t let all the fame get to her. She also has a charity channel where she posts bloopers from her tutorials and “Every month, a selected charity from the viewer’s request will receive all of the profit accumulated from this channel”. Not only beautiful, but also kind and generous! That’s the Michelle Phan youtube knows and loves!

Why is she my web inspiration? Because ever since I started doing my make up following her advice, I feel more confident and I don’t consider myself that ugly anymore. I was pleasently surprised when Michelle did a Sailor Moon tutorial. Sailor Moon is my childhood hero and I never thought you can recreate the manga look onto your own human face! Well here is where Michelle proved me wrong! I love the look and I hope I’ll get to try it once! The ending of the video is very inspirational. It made me cry, so prepare your tissues before viewing it!

Michelle has a potty trained bunny called Mr. Bun Bun that is just adorable! No wonder her other screen name is RiceBunny! The little rascal even sleeps besides her. I could only dream of such a pet! This picture is from Michelle’s twitpic. Prepare for ultimate cuteness:

Michelle Phan’s youtube channel has videos for every ocasion. You name it: prom, graduation, wedding, make up for glasses, smokey eyes and so on and so forth… She has already done it. And let’s not mention the amazing Lady Gaga inspired make up tutorials! One word: amazing! I can bearly wait for her next tutorial! Even though I believe she can’t be even more amazing than in her previous video, Michelle is there to prove me wrong once again! 101 videos posted in 3 years seems so few to us addicted viewers who want new looks and ideas from this amazing artist!

The ricebunny who is done chasing her dreams deserves her #1 place in the guru charts and I wish her all the best. And thank you, Michelle! Thank you for inspiring me to experiment with make up and believe that every girl can be beautiful! Never let the haters bring you down!



  1. geeta's list · August 6, 2012

    Reblogged this on Geeta's List and commented:
    My own moon shares her own take on Michelle phan

  2. Marc Lamontagne · September 21, 2010

    Michelle, U R the Star of Beauty that illuminates the Universe with Love

  3. webbigest · August 9, 2010

    nice article,,,ty

  4. Rudy Arifin · July 18, 2010

    Simple Makeup Advice For Easy Beauty
    Posted by on 16 Jul 2010 | Tagged as: Uncategorized |
    Makeup on the face of every individual can make them look beautiful and great. But you know the correct way to apply makeup instead of applying without knowing any of the following tips.

    1 – We start with the first step is the application of foundation on your face. Before the foundation, care for a sunscreen that suits your skin fit. This is done to your skin well hydrated to do. Then with the help of a tissue or cotton, apply some points of foundation on your face and blend into the skin with a gentle rubbing. Be sure to apply it so that no line to see where the foundation ends on her face.
    2 – While the use of an eye shadow, make sure to apply only with the help of an angled brush and a light highlighter shade not apply in the final too, on a special light in my eyes. Additionally, you can also apply eyeshadow outer corner of the eyelids and the spread up. This will help you hide your eyes hanging.
    3 – Thirdly, there are a number of different types of coatings of the eye. Each eyeliner is different, but necessary steps to apply the eyeliner are the same. You must first make sure the lid with one hand and eyeliner with one hand. And then begin to apply eyeliner on the outer eye, making short feathery strokes.
    4 – Last but not least, while using a lipstick, you should always make sure to apply correctly so not to get lipstick on her teeth. Always use a lip pencil to outline lips. Even if you put lipstick, start the application from the center of the upper lip and move outward toward a corner and repeat the same procedure for the lower lip too.
    Therefore, make sure before wasting your money on expensive makeup end, test your knowledge about the basic steps of applying makeup to develop. If you are not satisfied with this advice, then I suggest you find a makeup artist if she would be able to explain a number of other recommendations as well on apply make up.

  5. Vlad · July 17, 2010

    well,yes,she is an inspiration to us all…i mean…3 years means something…that makes me wonder…why have i stopped posting videos some time ago?
    very nice written.this deserves a place in a magazine,i’m serious.

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