Web Inspiration #1: Michael Buckley

I’m trying to start a new blog series. I want to focus on the positive parts of life and write about people who inspire me and make me believe I can do more with my life. Of course I might mention a skank or two when they come to my attention, but now it’s time to showcase true talents and inspirations.

I’ve been browsing Youtube for as long as I can remember. I didn’t know that people made skits or actual shows there. I was looking up music videos or pieces of news about celebrities. While looking for some Miley Cyrus buzz, I came across a video with a photo of Miley as a thumbnail. The video was called “Hannah Montana Naughty Shower? Blame Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez!”. I admit it made me curious and I checked it out. I didn’t expect something in particular, but I was amazed at how funny and fast talking a person could be!

Michael Buckley had my attention from his show’s intro that goes like this: “Love you, bitch! I whip it out whenever I can. I don’t even know what that means. WHAT THE BUCK? I had to have it!”. That was hilarious and so original, even though he admitted the “I had to have it” part was from a comercial Sarah Jessica Parker did for a perfume. Still, he is awesome! WHAT THE BUCK SHOW is the most unconventional news show you’ve ever seen but you can’t help but laugh from the bottom of your heart! This 35-year-old entertainment journalist is originary from Conneticut, USA and has been posting Youtube videos since October 2006. First, he posted them on peron75 and from May 1st 2007, he started posting on WHATTHEBUCKSHOW in paralel.

Seeing how talented and funny Buck is, I said “I hade to have it!” and subscribed instantly! Everytime I see a new WHATTHEBUCK video in my subscription box, it’s like an important event which I must attend to! I enjoy his show and every Miley joke is like an early Christmas present! I also love Miley, but I love when I hear funny pieces of news about her! I learned the word “skank” from Buck and I use it with pride!

One of Buck’s best videos was “Lonelygirl15 is dead!”, commenting the fact that the character Bree was killed off in the season finale of the most popular web series back in 2007.

This man has the best lines ever! Some of my favourites include “Well you know how most people just don’t like me? Well I don’t like her! Her eyebrows are too big!”, “But she has a misterious secret: SHE HAS A PENIS!” and “I love you like I wanna take it up the but from you!”. I was speechless! His jokes have me in stiches every time! This man is too funny for Youtube! He should have his own website called Bucktube. That would be just awesome and I would be his number one fan! Not that I’m not that now…

Buck is not only funny, but also very empathic. He has another show on his vlog channel, peron75 that’s called “Dear Buck”. He answers his viewer’s questions and gives advice to those in need. With a Ph.D. in Degrassi, I’m sure he’s more than capable of giving great advice. Those Degrassi kids were really messed up!

Speaking of TV shows, thanks to Michael I started watching Glee, a TV show that made me remember how much I miss high school and how much I love musicals! Thank you, Buck! Glee was amazing! Can’t wait for the new season. I’m sure you’ll keep us posted. Thank you for replying to me on twitter about the show! That made me very happy!

Buck is always smiling and I can’t help but smile along. No matter how bad my day is, a WHATTHEBUCKSHOW episode always makes me forget about the bad things for a few minutes and that means a lot to me! I praise him for doing what he loves and living off this. That’s also my goal in life and I hope to achieve it!

My admiration for Michael Buckley is endless! He’s my source of entertainment and I love his videos! If I ever get the chance to get a career in entertainment journalism, I will always see him as an inspiration!



  1. Bogdan Epureanu · July 3, 2010

    Indeed he’s funny… 😀

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  3. sleeplessme · June 29, 2010

    I’ve gotta tell ya, this guy needs to have his own TV show.
    Or just replace freakin doctor Phil!

    Cookiepuss! (RealAndFake)

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