“You Tila, me Jane…you stupid, me fake!”

Tila Tequila needs a straight jacket! Wanting to be the center of attention all the time can make you do some crazy shit! Since her last appearence on the red carpet and at some parties, Tila Tequila hasn’t been getting as much press as she wanted. Today she took to her youtube page that her house had been broken into by Jane, who she claims is her other personality. The midget diva filmed the mess in her house emphasizing on her incredibly fake wounden and cut arm.

In these cases, the normal human being would call 911 or get some help. But no! She had to film everything, take pictures and add her watermark on the photo. Also she tweeted and blogged about it. You would need both your hands to tweet and blog and I can’t imagine a normal person doing that after being severly wounded. If what happened to you were real, you would have been in the hospital, not trying to prove to us that you’re hurt and your alterego has a whole conspiracy against you. Let’s be real! Oh, sorry, you can’t! Because you’re as fake as a bitch can get!

Tila Skankzilla posted an article and a photo of her alleged assault where she said she didn’t know how all this happened and that she dozed off and this Jane tried to kill her. After that she posted something about Eva Longoria Parker being sued by some club…her usual gossip crap. And then she must have remembered that her Jane prank had to continue so she posted the video on her blog aswell. In this post she assures her readers that it’s her, “the normal, sweet girl that cares about people” and not Jane. Oh, that made me ROFL, LMAO and LOL badly! What’s with all this crap? She must have planned this stunt for a long long time because it takes a lot of stupidity but also a lot of guts to put yourself out there like that.

She also reported to have locked the doors so Jane can’t come back to hurt her, but who knows when she’ll come back… Tila’s life is so sad it makes me chortle! I can’t figure out why someone would fuck up their own home to prove to someone they are sweet, innocent and real victims to the attacks of their alterego. This was, without a doubt, a publicity stunt to get even more attention, but it was also the biggest fail since her pregnancy and her boob job!

While I was watching the fake Jane attack I was eager to see her face and see her true reaction. If I would have seen some drama in her eyes, maybe I would have considered believing her. You can easily tell if she’s faking because she is the worse actress the world has ever seen.

Here’s the video. Try not to feel to sorry for her stupidity and have a good laugh. I know I did!

And that’s what happens when you don’t have a job, too much imagination and a bottle of fake blood around!


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