Google experiment

I was bored and wanted to post something new here. So what better way to do that then google something random? And so I did! I opened google and typed “why do I” and see what I would get. And here are the results:

Four nipples?! Are you kidding me? Who has four nipples? Cats? Dogs? Or do they have 6? For all I know, they sure can’t google that. Man, if you have four nipples, it sure suckes to be you! Go see a doctor or something. That shit seems serious, considering the fact that humans are ment to have only two.

Why do companies have project management productions? Let’s google that and find out. It says here that “The project manager’s role in a nutshell is the overall responsibility for the successful planning, execution, monitoring, control and closure of a project.” I’m happy to know that I answered the question on over 200 milion people’s lips. I feel important and usefull.

Who hits themselves with a hammer? Apparently almost 5 milion people do! Why? Why? And why on Earth do you google that? You’re probably hitting yourself with a hammer because you found out that Google doesn’t performe miracles. I’ll tell you one thing, son…Google doesn’t performe miracles, but it sure makes one hell of a good entertainment source. Let go of that hammer and stop using Google for such nonsense! Or do it…for my amusement!:))

“Why do I love you” is an awesome song performed by the boys in Westlife. They’re having the same dilemma as 370 milion people. I don’t know what to say. People love. It’s life! We love some people because they are lovable, adorable and make us happy. I can’t say no more. Love and don’t ask yourself why. You’ll ruin the feeling.

Here is the Westlife song:


Farting comes natural. And here are the causes. I’m not a specialist when talking about farts. Case closed!

Why do you feel so sad, you ask? I’m not sure, but with the economy dropping like this, and with the global warming and all, life can suck, so maybe that’s why you feel so sad. Happy to be of help!

I saved the best search for last! “Why do I have no friends?” is a question I often ask myself as well. People are hard to trust. Maybe you can have two or three good friends your whole life. Even the persons you thought were going to be your BFFs for life may turn out to be such bastards. They promise you they would be your friends forever, and once you go to college, they will barely remember your name or how they met you. So maybe you’re starting college now and that’s the reason you have no friends. No worries, once you get to know other people, you will make new friends. Hopefully, some of them will be friends with you forever if you keep in touch more often.

Try this fun experiment by typing the beginning of random questions and see what you get! Have fun! I know I did!


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