Tila Tequila is back on Twitter…unfortunately

She deleted her Twitter and 3 days later she returned. The reason was to give “big news”. I’m sorry, girl, but I haven’t seen anything new in your tweets other than you reminiscing about having sex and telling “the haters” that they have no life and so that’s why they’re following you. Let’s not comment on that!

Nobody missed you! Even recent polls on the internet proved that. Maybe your “Tila Army” missed you, but let’s face it: they are just obsessed losers that think they might bang you. I’m just sayin’! Here are Tila Skankzilla’s last tweets:

I don’t know what she was so hyped about. She should have deleted it already and not make tons of announcements about this decision. So don’t tell me…those people that had no respect for your unborn child apologized and that’s why you reactivated your account? Buhuhu! Too bad, so sad! She was talking as if she was going to commit suicide. We’d wish!

I’m not saying anything bad about the baby. On the contrary…I feel so sorry for him/her to grow in such a trashy environment which is your uterus. I’m not wishing you an easy delivery because your vage is so streched up from all the “baby making” so to say,so the baby might as well walk out of you. It’s a darn shame that your seed will spread around the world and that you want to adopt foreign orphans. The gesture might seem philantropic, but they’re going to call YOU “mom”. You’ll give mom jokes a whole new dimension! I don’t even wanna think about it!

I’ve come to the conclusion that you really hate this world. You want to adopt orphans and you want a sperm donor for more kids? Come on! Don’t turn the world into a whore nation! There are enough whores in the world already! We don’t need any more! Your seed is bad!

Oh, how are you going to breast feed those many kids with those fake boobs? You’ll probably tweet about it, won’t you?


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