Tila Tequila deleted her Twitter! And she’s still a skank!

It was about time! She was overtweeting! “I’m gonna gave a gorgeous baby”, “I’m officially a lesbian”, “Here is my former Playboy video”, “Holla at my lesbians” and so on and so forth…She became such a twitter whore! But, like all twitter whores, she finally deleted her account. Does this sound familiar, Miley Cyrus? I’ll get back to you shortly.

It was amazing to see how lame she could be in her tweets. She posted several tweets saying that her baby is going to be vietnamese/caucasian/french/exotic or something like that. After reading all of those nationalities I asked myself if that baby was concieved in an orgy or something. I’m just sayin’…the bitch seems promiscuous as hell!

And I don’t understand one thing. You say you’ve been engaged to Casey, but after she died, you spread the news that you were pregnant. How does that work, girl? From all I know, it takes a man and a woman to concieve a baby. Not two women. So, you imidiatelly jumped into bed with someone the day Casey Jhonson died. I’m not accusing you, but by the progress of your pregnancy I am reassured that you are the biggest slut around! How could you? First pose naked, then have a baby with someone else? Oh, you sure loved Casey, allright! Bullshit! You are one hell of a tramp and you seem to love the attention the press is giving you!

The supposed father of the baby is rapper The Game. Maybe some of you remember him. Was he ever that famous? Anyway…the point is that Tila Tequila is a skank and I’m terribly sorry for the baby that has to come out of her in nine months.  It’s said that children don’t get to pick their parents, but this child couldn’t get any more unlucky! It must be such a cruel punishment to come out of something so trashy. Kids in school are going to mock him by sayig “Haha! You’re mom is a bitch!”. They couldn’t be more right, but I can even imagine him/her crying of embaressment.

He/she is coming home to Tila and tells her: “Mom, some kid in school said you were a bitch!” and she would think: “Damn, his/her parents must have watched my show back in 2008!”. She tells her baby that that kid was just jealous of what a hot mom her baby has. And the kid will never know. I sure hope they’ll have youtube so he/she can look up what his/her mom was doing in 2008. Poor kid!

Tweeting too much will lead to a deleted account! Remember when Miley deleted hers and over 2 milion followers were heartbroken they won’t know when Miley is feeling emo or taking a dump? Yeah, that was sad(*sarcasam*). Seriously now, who is going to miss attention whore Tila Tequila from twitter? I know I won’t!


One comment

  1. Holly · February 1, 2010

    Amen! You have said everything I could about how I feel about this whore.

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