Skank edition #1: Tila Tequila

Since the post about Lady Gaga has been so popular, I had to keep up with writing about crazy bitches like her. One of them is Tila Tequila, one pint-sized whore whith multiple problems. A few years ago she couldn’t decide if she was into guys or girls, so she decided to get a two-season show on MTV called A shot at love. In the first season she chose a guy and in the second season she chose a girl who was more feeble-minded than her. Tila got rejected by another bisexual. Now she got a taste of her own medicine…

Awww…look! It looks like she actually has feelings! Nice try, slut! It’s all a publicity stunt. Drama sells on MTV.

On the show the contestants had to go through a lot of challenges to win Tila’s heart: drink goat sperm, eat pig testicles and stuff like that. Who would do that? Or moreover, who would make someone do that? Is this how things work nowadays? “If you love me, you have to eat this piece of dog shit!”. On that disgusting note, I would like to point out that A shot at love is the biggest waste of money that MTV has ever faced with! I know people are desperate to date, but I didn’t thought they would humiliate themselves in such a manner.

I was on the point of calling Tila Tequila a celebrity. That would have been so wrong! I don’t want to label her as something she couldn’t be. I would much rather call her an attention whore who made it big on myspace and believed she could make it big in the music and film industry aswell. She isn’t a good singer and the only movie she could ever star in could be an adult one. I’m just sayin’!

These days, the press is all over her! Long story short: her fiancee died a few weeks ago, now she’s pregnant with someone’s baby (rumor has it she is a surrogate mother for her brother’s baby) and reporters want to hear her story. OK, all of this is out of the ordinary and it could be a great news story. I’m sorry for her loss; no one deserves for teir loved one to die so young. But I see Casey Johnson’s death as the perfect publicity stunt for Miss Tila Skanzilla. People are logging onto her website and seeing pictures of her and her late fiancee in bed half naked and feel sorry for her. It makes me sick to see pictures of half naked dead people on social sites and blogs. It’s really disturbing! Delete them already and move on!

In my country, when a loved one dies, you wear the weeds. Tila hasn’t been wearing anything. Actually, she is asking people to vote for her in “best boobies” category for OK magazine wearing just a pair of panties. She should be ashamed! Put some clothes on, woman! A little respect for your deceased loved one. You are pathetic!

Here is the picture:

I guess skanks don’t give up on being slutty no matter what tragic incident happens in their life…

It sure must suck to be a skank!

So…to hell with you, Miss Tila Tequila!


One comment

  1. mike · January 28, 2010

    si asta ce e? asta de mai sus cu fata care isi tine mana pe sfarc ce e? nu e cumva poza nud? ca daca nu e.. imi printez un tricou cu ea

    you better recognize!

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