Lady Gaga gives out free STDs!

I’ve been meaning to talk about Lady Gaga’s new video Bad Romance since the first day it hit youtube. The thing is…I never thought my review would be cool enough because Lady Gaga is such a hardcore bitch that I can’t describe her at her true level.

The feeling I first had when watching this video was similar to the WTF one I had when watching her VMA performance. Except now I’m getting used to her strangeness. I’m like: OMG! This girl is really suffering for someone. She would preffer to have a bad romance to not having any romance at all. “I want your ugly, I want your disease”??? What the fuck is with that? Is she that desprerate? She might as well could have said she wanted an STD. Now that’s always free.

I can imagine the lyrics now: “I want your ugly, I want your STDs…”. I’m starting to think that she doesn’t even care if the person she’s having the romance with is even alive, judging from the skeleton she’s in bed with at the end. Is it just me or is the place she filmed in somekind  of a morgue? It’s creepy as hell.

What’s with the hairless cat? Wasn’t she creepy enough? I heard that cats like that cost around 1000$ or even more. Why would anyone want a hairless cat and pay that much for her? You would at least expect it to have fur…

The cat lover in me had to mention that!

Gaga is doing a strange thing with her hands. I don’t know if she’s copying the coreography from Thriller or if her hand is stiff. That’s a tough one! I’m wondering…is she that desperate to say “I’m a free bitch, baby” outloud? She could have just whispered it. Maybe being subtle is what this song was missing.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate it. It’s pure genious, but in a twisted way. I love to watch it and go WTF every time… I even refrain from thinking of her as a whore when she gives that guy a lap dance. Yeah right! Of course she acts like a whore. Otherwise she wouldn’t be the Gaga we all know and love to make fun of.

Am I the only one who found those big eyes creepy as hell? Knowing how crazy she is I started to think that she had fake big eyes put it. What? I can really see her doing that!

Here’s the video!

Enjoy Gaga’s crazyness…

She always amazez me. And now I understand why she gets 1,ooo,ooo views per day.

Well done, girl!

You are one hardcore bitch!


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