Ooops!…Britney does it again!

Britney Spears has a new song and yes, it’s as suggestive as the previous song  “If You Seek Amy”. This new one is called “Three”. The title might me meaningless, but the lyrics are really dirty!

Britney talks about how bored she is making love with only one person and how she would like to include another man in her loving process. I’m not the FCC and I don’t intend to bitch about how she is starting to be a skank again, but kids are going to have their innocence threatened by listening to this song!

I strongly believe that being a young Britney Spears fan nowadays may turn you into a hoebag later on. The messages this girl sends through her songs are not so innocent anymore. Ever since she was 17 Britney started to show signs that she would become an attention whore. Whilst Lady Gaga is an attention whore through her clother and performances, Briney has all eyes and ears on her by having a very suggestive song with sexual content.

Is it me or is this the first mainstream song that is talking about a threesome? I believe so. Now I can see Chris Crocker making a video telling people like me who pick on Britney to leave her alone. He might also add that I’m jealous or some shit like that. Jealous of what? That I can’t make a trashy bitch ass song like Spears?

Moving on from Chris Crocker’s anticipated comments on this subject…The “genius” who wrote this song also put his signature on Spears’ “If you seek Amy” and Katy Perry’s “I kissed a girl”. This guy knows better than anyone else that sex sells, especially in music.

Little Miss Britney Spears missed some controversy and it seems that the whole media will give it to her. Yes, Britney, your song is trashy and children shouldn’t listen to it. Even her children might end up listening to this and asking: “Mom, do you really do that?” or “Mom, do we have 2 dads?” or “Who are Peter, Paul and Mary?” and so on and so forth.

This girl likes controversy, but she forgets that she is a mother and might set a bad example not only for children all across the world, but for her own sons. It’s not appropiate for a mother to sing about devious sexual behavior. The kids might find the song catchy, but once they analyse the lyrics, they might not find their mother to be such a superstar in their eyes.

Britney should have performed songs for kids, taking into consideration that she is a mother and might want to set an example. She is not 20 anymore. It’s not cool to sing about devious sexual experiences…But what does she care. She is just your typical attention whore…

It seems we’ll be getting plenty on theese in this musical era. That’s a sad, sad thing…

Here’s the song. Shame on you, mother Spears!


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