The Hannah Montana sex tape!

For the past 3 years Hannah Montana has been a sensation throughout the world. Her show broke cable records everywhere. Every little girl wanted to look, act and sing like her. She was living every teenage girl’s dream and she wasn’t even 16.

Despite the succes of the show, Miley Cyrus, who plays Hannah Montana was involved in some scandals such as the one with the Vanity Fair photo shoot and some leaked photos of her posing in the mirror with her T-shirt just under her breasts. Everyone is dissing her for those actions, but they’re not thinking that she is a 16 year old girl experimenting with her camera. She’ll regret it later when she’ll be 20 or so. Why is everyone ditching her for those actions? She had her parents’ approval, so why not ditch them? She didn’t know what she was doing so she trusted her parents made the right decision for her. To my mind, these photos are pretty good.

As Chris Croker made a video called “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE”  I migt as well say that this is a  “LEAVE MILEY ALONE”  blog post. She’s just a kid trying to have some fun and not taking celeb life so serious. I understand that she might be setting a bad example for young girls, but they don’t see this image of her on her show or in her movie. Girls want to be the Hannah Montana that’s singing on stage.

On her YouTube Channel she acts like a normal girl who has regular problems and who likes to have a good time with her friends. Maybe that’s what she really wants: to be a normal girl. But no…people have to bitch her around. OK, she’s done some stupid stuff, but she’s just a kid having fun. She might not have meant it. Cut her some slack!

At her age girls make a lot of mistakes. But they’ll regret them later on. She didn’t have a baby, she made a promise to God to remain a virgin until marriage, and she won’t have a sex tape any time soon. That we can all be sure of.

Miley is not going to be the new Britney. I believe that she is more smarter than that. She’s funnier and more talented. Billy Ray Cyrus won’t let her be the new Britney. When her Hannah Montana days are over she can still sing and star in movies.

There are a lot of spoofs on YouTube, but that brings Miley more popularity and people will want to know more about her.

Those were my thoughts on Miley. I really like her and I hope she will have the best of both worlds.

For those of you who expected an actual Hannah Montana sex tape…you naughty things, you!:))


One comment

  1. Silvia C · September 22, 2009

    Daaa deaia citisem tot, pt aia, ahaha bv bv inspirat titlu, ca eram mirata ca vai ea poarta inelul ala semn de mormon sau cum era, ca are fata interdictie:))

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