Kanye West is not Jesus! Lady Gaga wants to die! Beyonce is a sweetheart! Best moments of VMA 2009

Every year the VMAs had something people would talk about for a long period of time. Who can ever forget the kiss between pop queens Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera? The performances at the VMAs are always breathtaking and stay in your mind forever.

One of this year’s most spectacular performances was Lady Gaga’s medley for Poker Face and Paparazzi. I always knew that this girl can pull off a show, but this time her performance scared the shit out of me! After playing the piano she started bleeding and her singing was also similar to crying on music notes. Scary ass hell! While bleeding, her dancers held her in their arms and at the end of her performance she hung herself. Talk about freaks! When accepting the award for Best New Artist, she went on stage dressed in a red lace kind of dress and the dress was covering her face too. Or was that hood that was on the wrong side of the dress? Anyway, it was freaky as hell! Not to mention that she had to top it off with a red sparkly crown. The ambitions people have…She really wants to be remembered as the most freaky trendsetter of all times (take that, Madonna!). In her acceptance speech she said that her award was for God and gays. Well, that was indeed a new one. I believe that’s where she got her name from. She couldn’t have been called Lady G.G.(God&Gay), so she thought of Lady Gaga( it sounds better and it reminds you that she is so crazy, she’s gaga).

Well, that being said…Congrats, Gaga! Can’t wait to see your new outfits! Keep on bleeding, girl!

Another epic moment of the night was Taylor Swift winning Best Female Video. I was so happy for her because I love the  “You belong with me” video. She truly deserved the award! But her happiness was soon to be shattered…Kanye West went on stage and took the mic from her hand and said:” I’ll let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time!”…OMG! Even Beyonce was like WTF!? Then Kanye went off the stage and Taylor was looking as if someone kicked her puppy. I felt sorry for her. Great job, Kanye! Are you happy now? You ruined a 19 year old girl’s evening! Take some advice from Lady Gaga and go hang yourself! Why did you have to do that? Did YOU want to win Best Female Video award or were you pissed you didn’t get any award at all. And what’s with kissing Beyonce’s ass in public? I know, we get it! It was a good video, but Joe Jonas deserves a little credit for that too, you know! And he was Taylor Swift’s boyfriend…See, it’s all related! In the end, Beyonce won the award for Video of The Year (are you happy now, Kanye?!) and she was a true lady, giving Taylor her chance to say her speech! I have to say that what Beyonce did was gracefull and full of class. She tried to make up for Kanye’s dumbass behaviour and gave Taylor her moment. That was one of the most touching scenes I’ve ever seen at the VMAs.

Here’s Kanye West being a douchebag.

And here’s Beyonce being a classy lady and a great person!

Those were the moments I wanted to cover from this year’s VMAs. Of course, there was a great performance of P!nk and a memorial for Michael Jackson from his sister, Janet. Another big winner of the night was Green Day who I’m very happy for! They are a great band and deserved every award!

And the winners are:

VIDEO OF THE YEAR Beyoncé: “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”

Lady Gaga

BEST MALE VIDEO T.I. featuring Rihanna: “Live Your Life”

BEST FEMALE VIDEO Taylor Swift: “You Belong With Me”

BEST HIP-HOP VIDEO Eminem: “We Made You”

Britney Spears: “Womanizer”

BEST ROCK VIDEO Green Day: “21 Guns”

BEST CHOREOGRAPHY Beyoncé: “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”

BEST DIRECTION Green Day: “21 Guns”

BEST EDITING Beyoncé: “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”

BEST SPECIAL EFFECTS Lady Gaga: “Paparazzi”

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY Beyoncé: “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”

BEST ART DIRECTION Lady Gaga: “Paparazzi”

BREAKTHROUGH VIDEO Matt & Kim: “Lessons Learned”


Congratulations to all the winners and to Kanye West for making first page without having to play Jesus!



  1. missbrightmoon · September 18, 2009

    Cât de tare a fost situl ăla=))

  2. Silvia C · September 17, 2009

    :)) Aaha keep on bleeding well said
    Cika Kayne si-a cerut scuze si a zis ca a fost stupid o da, nu cred ca vreo scuza mai poate reface ceva
    uite cevafunny legat de asta:

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