Add New Post.Yep, that’s what I’m doing!

Inspiration is a wicked little thing! Sometimes you feel like it’s been gone for ages and never coming back. On the other hand, there are days when you want to write, draw and sing all day long. The fact that the day has only 24 hours is starting to be annoying when you have a real activity.

When I first started this blog, I wanted to post something every day (yeah, I actually thought my life was really that interesting!).  Things aren’t that simple. First of all, I don’t want my blog to be something like : “Day 1. Dear Diary, today was I sad day…”. And second of all, I want to write something meaningful to me and to the people who read this blog. I wouldn’t want them to read what I write and say: “Now that was a waste of my time!”. Mostly, the people who hate me would say that. Actually, they would say that the fact that my parents made me was a good waste of time…But that’s another story!

I can’t say I’m addicted to my blog. I write because I want to and only when I have the inspiration to do it. I apologise fir any short articles, they’re not usually my type, but it would have been a shame for me to let a month pass without writing a single entry or even post a good song or a funny video for people to watch.

A question many people may be asking is why do I blog. I don’t really know the answer, but there are a few options. I may blog because I have something interesting to say, I may blog because I’m a frustrated pain in the ass with no friends and the internet is my only friend (joking!), I want to practice writing long articles for when I’m going to work at a kick ass magazine and so on and so forth…

I don’t know, I may write because I like to and I want to. I believe that’s a fair enough reason. I write in English, I write in Romanian…it’s a matter of choice. But concerning the fact that I’d love to live and work abroad one day, I’d like to improve my English writing skills. It’s depressing what I see on Yahoo Messenger. People with a high school degree in English destroy words. A few examples? Well…”thinck” is the last yahoo blooper I’ve seen the past days. Others belong to girls who want to say something cool in their status and get it all wrong. I once loved to correct them, but now I preffer to let them be stupid.

It seems that this blog post doesn’t have a fixed topic, it just included some random thoughts of mine.

Draft saved and post published!

Good day to you all!


One comment

  1. Oana · September 14, 2009

    Nici eu nu cred ca ar trebui sa scriem in fiecare zi doar ca sa avem ceva scris acolo.

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