Story of my life.Yes, I was a loser.

I was a loser in highschool. I was the one who used to sit alone in the last desk. It was a miracle if one of my collegues would say  “Hey, you wanna sit with me?”. I wasn’t cool and I wasn’t popular. I used to get picked on for various reasons. Usually, many people in highschool didn’t like my face and told me that.

And that’s where I tell you guys that subject of this blog post. Bullies. We all know them. They’re the girls and boys who always have their backs covered by other kids who once used to be bullied around but desperately wanted to fit in. I wasn’t one of those kids and that cost me. I can’t kiss ass even if my life depended on it.

I had trouble with bullies too (obviously I had, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this). I didn’t have many friends in my first two highschool years, and the ones I did have were afraid of a “she bully” and they didn’t wanna cover my back. Geez, thanks a lot, you guys! It seems I never was cut out to be a bully. I never had the money and the friends to watch my back.

I can’t fight. I never even tried to hit a person with all my might. I always thought that the people who resort to fighting are like animals. Or, actually, below animals, because I don’t wanna offend the ones who can’t use words to defend themseves. I would hate to have to fight someone phisically. I just can’t. I never punched anyone, even though they might have deserved it. Is that an acomplishment or is that admirable? You tell me.

I won’t narrate my actual bully experiences because blogs are not for that. That’s what psychologists are for.

If I were President or someone big and important, I would make an anti-bully programme and introduce it in every school in my country or even encourage it overseas. Bullies should get severe punishments for every bad deed and appologize to the one they bullied around in front of the whole school and make the “bully dance” and make a great fool of themselves. Also, if they pick on a child and survelance cameras catch him, he will have to pay a 50€ fee.

Yep, that’s my perfect anti-bully measure.

Bullies, watch out, payback time is just around the corner!


One comment

  1. Oana Paduraru · September 7, 2009

    Toata povestea asta suna a filme americane cu adolescenti… Pana la tine nu auzisem sa se intample si la noi. Dar pentru ca o spui tu, te cred.
    Arata-mi mie cine s-a luat de tine, ca o sa vada el/ea. 😉

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