My favourite youtubers

They’re either in my subscription box or I just watch their videos on a regular basis because they really have something interesting to say. Here’s a list of my favourite youtubers in alphabetical order, to be fair.


Natalie Tran is a 23 year old girl who vlogs about random stuff and has an obsession for mums…your mum, my mum, everybody’s mum. I love her accent and the way she looks. I’m sorry she was the first runner-up for Miss Youtube. I hope next year she’ll have the top place.She’s asian, but was born in Sidney. Her sarcasm is one of a kind, even though Buck said she is known to be the unfunny girl on youtube. Dude, leave her alone! She is funny in her own way. I like the fact that her channel is named communitychannel pure and simple. Lack of inspiration doesn’t mean lack of originality. Nat, you rock! Love your videos!

Michelle Phan

She is just gorgeous! And she wants us to be gorgeous too. She is a fashion guru and her videos are mostly tutorials on how to create our own beauty products, or how to make-up or do our hair. After seeing her tutorials I mostly say to myself: “Why didn’t I think of that thing?”. Michelle’s videos point out that anyone can be beautiful. She is also an artist. Her latest video is her painting a character from a video game she likes. This girl is not only beautifull and wise, but she is also talented. I can’t wait for a new video. It’s a shame she wasn’t even nominated for Miss Youtube. She could have made the top 10 in my book.

Shane Dawson

I discovered him when watching Michael Buckley’s nominations for Mr. Youtube 2009 and I decided to check out his channel. My first reaction? “Oh, my God! This guy rocks!” He vlogs on different subjects and makes kick-ass parodies that I love to watch again and again. His cats, Muffins and Snoop are famous too. It’s adorable when he includes them from time to time in his videos. I love his “feminine side”, Shanaynay, a former drug addict HIV positive prostitute who makes you laugh with anything she/he/it does. Shane Dawson has great videos and I hope he beats Fred’s subscriptions. He deserves it! And he deserves to be Mr. Youtube!


Gay youtubers are funny, but Buck is hilarious! I love how he makes fun of every celebrity out there and not feel guilty about it. WHATTHEBUCKSHOW wasn’t enough for him, so he created the channels peron75 and bucknews. He calls himself a journalist and that’s where I couldn’t agree more with him. If all TV journalists were more like him, watching the news would be a guilty pleasure. He has an obsession for Miley Cyrus news…but on the other hand, who doesn’t? I love the song he wrote for Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift, “Their”, it makes me laugh so hard. This song should be promoted more! Sha…

So, these are my favourite youtubers. I would have written more about them, but I believe that you should watch their videos instead!


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