Jonas Brothers do NOT rock!

When I think of them, Camp Rock isn’t the first thing that pops in my head anymore. Joe Jonas’ dance to Single Ladies by Beyonce takes the lead! Ever since I saw that performance of Joe Jonas, I believe this boyband is a bad joke. I never really was too fond of them. I did like Camp Rock, but maybe because it was a story of a young girl’s dream to become a rockstar. The fact that they rank as the number 1 most subscribed musicians on youtube pisses me off because their songs are awful! I never managed to listen to an entire Jonas Brothers song.Let’s introduce the Jonas’ brother by brother, shall we?

Joe: He’s the most popular of the group. His name is the most shouted in JB concerts and he probably gets the most bras and panties thrown at him on stage. He used to date AJ Michalka of Aly&Aj and Taylor Swift, who continously has on obsession about their 27 second-phone-call breakup. I’m not saying Joe isn’t a jerk, but she really should get over it too. So…27 seconds? You don’t realy waste time or even money, do you? That is unexcusable! He got the most lines in Camp Rock.

Nick: Miley Cyrus’ man! He is believed to be the “7 things” boy Miley was singing about and made almost 100 milion views on youtube for just this video. This curly haired kid doesn’t tell me much. I see him as “Look at me, I’m a Jonas Brother and I’m one of the cutest”. He didn’t get many lines in Camp Rock.

Kevin: He might be the less popular Jonas Brother, he is Michael Buckley’s crush. That is truly priceless!=)) He’s the oldest of the group and…that’s kinda it!He’s the first one to get married. Hurray for that!He wanted a birdhouse in Camp Rock and loved to hug his brothers.He had few lines in Camp Rock.Better luck in Camp Rock 2!

Now seriously, what is it with these guys?Their songs aren’t the gratest, their acting isn’t brilliant…Why are they so loved, so subscribed, so … so….I don’t know!

They don’t rock because they don’t sing rock.They sing pop.So, they pop!

What makes the Jonas Brothers suck superstars? The fact that Nick dated Miley? The fact that Joe din’t fall of high heels? Or because Buck loves Kevin and wishes he’ll marry him?

JB pop!


One comment

  1. adda · July 29, 2009

    :)) “they pop” ! that was a good one :))

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