No New Moon Here.

Dude, you guys must be obsessed with Twilight! Someone was browsing my blog and the funniest thing was typed in the Search bar: filmul new moon gratis.
Eh, that’s not gonna happen! I do not upload movies here. Videos from youtube or trailers max! I’m not quite a big Twilight fan. It wasn’t much of a movie. Ok, it was popular and all, but it wasn’t extraordinary. Get over it! In a few years you won’t even know it existed. It’s gonna be like Harry Potter. Nobody will be talking about it when they are all grown up. The movie wasn’t dumb, but I really woulnd’t watch it again. And I re-watch movies that I like. I saw Princess Protection Program 3 or 4 times this week only.

All in all, you are NOT gonna find any free movies here, yet alone Twilight.

Oh, and by the way, my blog title isn’t at all inspired by Twilight’s New Moon. Just to clear things up.

So…tell me in a comment what did you think of Twilight so far and what are your expectations on New Moon.


One comment

  1. missbrightmoon · December 29, 2009

    Shit man, New Moon sucked ass!
    I should write about it…

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