“Oh baby!”

Did you notice how many love songs have the word “baby” included?What the F is with that?

Ok, I should first give the definition:

A very young child; an infant.
An unborn child; a fetus.
The youngest member of a family or group.
A very young animal.
An adult or young person who behaves in an infantile way.
Slang. A girl or young woman.
Informal. Sweetheart; dear. Used as a term of endearment.
Slang. An object of personal concern or interest: Keeping the boat in good repair is your baby.

When I was young I used to hear all this “baby” shit in teen singers’ songs.I was like:” why are they singing about a kid?” Why don’t they use “sweetheart”, “beautiful”, “gorgeous” ,”girl/boy” and something like that.But NOT “baby” crap.Britney Spears got this “baby” in our head and it became a trend.

How many bands and singers avoided to use “baby”? The only ones that pop into my head are The Dresden Dolls, Chris Daughtry and 4 Non Blondes…And that’s kinda it.

Oh well…sha…”baby”…just one more time.


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