Note to self

A-Whole doesn’t mean Ass Hole.It might mean a whole lot of ass.

F-ing is the new fucking.

You can say Sha… to be cooler and to draw attention.

And instead of saying What the fuck, why not say What the Buck?


And before saying that he sucks balls, you might wanna know he’s gay and likes it, so it’s common knowledge.

I just wanted to have a reminder and NOT make those mistakes I mentioned.

But I like Miley Cyrus.

I believe Susan Boyle has an OK voice but should stay home and pet her cat.

Demi Lovato is cute and High School Musical 3 is better that Twilight and Camp Rock.

Kevin Jonas isn’t as cute as Joe and Taylor Swift makes a big case of her break-up.

Get over it, girl!

“Single ladies” and “7 things” are f-ing catchy!



One comment

  1. missbrightmoon · June 3, 2009

    Oh, and I love Demi Lovato!

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