P!@td, where you be?

What ever happened to that super cool band called Panic! @ The Disco?I used to like that band and I haven’t heard anything new from them.Since they released “Nine in the afternoon”, they were never seen, or heard from.They had such cool songs.

The album “A fever you can’t sweat out” is a must have.They have really smart lyrics and make associations of things you could never think of (e.g.: a lawyer & a virgin), their song titles are inspired from books, so they say and their videos are quite interesting.

My favourite song is “Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off”.Funny thing is that the words is the title don’t match the words in the song.

And that’s not the only one.Another cool title is “There’s a good reason these tables are ¬†numbered honey you just don’t realise it”.It’s gonna take a good breath of air before you can say a title of theirs outloud.

It’s a pitty I didn’t hear of them anymore.I’m hoping on a new album as cool as “A fever you can’t sweat out”.

So, go Panic!GO!


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