Fly on the wall mania

Being a fly on the wall seems to be an aspiration for young arists these days.I remember Clay Aiken saying “I wish I could be a fly on your wall”  in his song  “Invisible”.The concept was great, we could even imagine a person turning into a fly and standing on his loved one’s wall and watching his/her every move.

Then came Miley Cyrus with her smash hit intitled, simple, “Fly on the wall”. The song is great, although the video refers to being chased by paparazzi, whilst the song is for a jealous wannabe boyfriend.Anyway, that’s the director’s fault.The song is very catchy and the fly on the wall thingie is so in there.

While browsing Youtube for Miley’s song, i stumbbled upon a song called “Fly on the wall” by the russian fake lesbian duo t.A.T.u.Also, this song is very good, but not as popular as the other two.

Judging by these three songs, it seems that we are in for a Fly on the wall trend in the music industry.Now I’m curious to know what’s next?A cockroach in the kitchen trend?We’ll just have to see what buggy inspiration artists will have in the following years.


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