Visual art.I like to call it that too.It’s been a while since I last drew.I miss that.It takes a lot of concentration,patience and time to do it.And also a clear mind.I need a clear mind before I draw.I believe drawing heals.If I want to express something and words can’t help me,I draw.I haven’t had the time and mood to draw.Not to mention inspiration.I really need inspiration.Where is my inspiration?

Until my inspiration comes,I’ll post my latest drawing.One I like so very much.Yep,you got me!I’m crazy for manga.Also,when I draw I need good music.Anything that soothens the soul and makes the hand wittier with the pencil.

Inspirantion,where are you?



  1. missbrightmoon · September 26, 2008

    I really love that song,you know!

  2. Gravisher · September 26, 2008

    era o melodie…you’re the meaning of my life….you’re the inspiration….i wonder who sent it to me…

    si ti-am zis ca ai talent la desenat si esti atenta la detalii…i like that

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