1900 something.Would that make a difference?Would things be better than now?Who can let us know that?All we have to do is imagine.

Once,I thought that 1996 is never going to end.And here I am in 2008 still wishing it was 1900 something.Maybe the past would have been prettier.I don’t know,I just wish.

What if we were in 1996?Nobody would have heard of Britney Spears or Paris Hilton.Princess Diana would still be alive. Maybe it was better?Or it could have been better if we all knew what was about to come.

I also believe that in terms of numerology,1996 is a lucky number.



7 has been said to be a lucky number.1996 was a very lucky year.Too bad I was too young to aknowleldge that.If only I were 20 years old in 1996.But there’s no time for regret.That’s life.Maybe some other time!

Anyway,if I could turn back time one day…I would definetly be in Wales drinking a cup of tea with Lady Di and telling her to stay home on the 1st of August 1997 for the sake of humanity.And her own.Cheers,Lady Di!


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