Run,run as fast as you can!

Running makes one feel free. When one runs,one feels like leaving everything behind and escaping!

It must be a wonderful feeling. Running away without looking back…ever!A feeling of freedom,a fresh feeling!

A horse running in a feild ful of green grass is a sight that soothens anyone.

Running to break free,running to escape,running to have fun…running can’t do anything bad.

Running heals.

The only running that isn’t ok is running from problems.They always catch you in the end .

So run…but don’t forget to stop and think about what you are running from.

If it’s a problem,turn back,solve it and then run free,because only then will you truly be free.

Running is asociated with happiness.

It’s said that laughter is like running on the inside.




  1. Irina · September 26, 2008

    ‘ai ma… ai blog si eu abia aflu? oof.. 😦

    in rest? asteptam un beep de la tine 😛 … if you know what i mean 😀

  2. Gravisher · September 22, 2008

    i do have that nice feeling too when i run on fields….too bad i haven’t ran on a field for years…

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