What’s a cup of tea?Pleasure,relaxation,tranquility?Oh,wait!Tranquility!Can’t that word be wrote in another way?

Something like: tranquili-tea?That sounds nice!

Or maybe serenity?Let’s try!Sereni-tea!Ow,it sounds nice:)

So beautiful,so simple.In fact, it’s so simple that I’m gonna try a new one.Uhm,here it goes: simplici-tea!:D

I just love tea.Besides the fact that it’s a soothing drink,it’s a word that puts your creativity (oh,creativi-tea:D) to the test.Look,it’s working just now!

I liked this exercise so much, that I think I’m gonna make myself a cup of tea:)

Hmm…sugar or honey?

Honey, I have that certain-tea!:)


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  1. Gravisher · September 22, 2008


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