Warm,too warm!It’s suposed to be september,a.k.a. autumn.

I was looking forward to lower temperatures,warmer clothes and walks is the park through yellow and orange leaves.Dream on,dream on! There are 34 Celcius degrees and it’s supposed to be autumn.

Ok,I’ll keep on waiting.

September-one of my favourite moths,mostly because autmn starts then. Now,September is a hot month with overdue exams.I don’t want the same things next year too.I want rain,wind and AUTUMN!

I don’t want to face winter without feeling autumn.It’s just too special for me.

Please,autumn,come to me.

Rain on me and make me happy!



One comment

  1. Vlad · September 7, 2008

    awww…nice words….
    autumn is my fav too…as you know…
    i bearly wait it too…
    don’t worry honey,in the future we will be in london…immagine an autumn in a park there.

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