Romania ain’t got talent!

I live in Romania.Sad enough.An even sadder thing is that Romania has these creatures called “pitzipoance” and they are almost everywhere.They come in packs of 2,3…etc or as individuals.They are known to dress like crap,wear tons of make-up and permanently be ready for ”sexi” photos.But enough for my lead.Let’s get to the point.

I’ve seen two romanian ”singers” on America’s got talent.They’re twins and they suck big time!No,they’re not The Cheeky Girls,but they suck just as bad.They’re called Indigo. They don’t sing,they shout,bark,sqeel…anything else besides singing!I’m not mean,because I can’t sing,but they make our country look bad!

They’re the kind of chicks who believe that if you have boobs,legs and a pretty face you can make it anywhere.Unfortunately,that standard is respected in Romania and now in America too.

I liked their faces when saying ”Thank you” to Sharon Osbourne.Yeah,I admit they were sweet,but that was the only sweet thing about them.They are NOT the real deal,they are the romanian deal,which doesn’t guarantee succes.

Romania didn’t stand them.Germany either.Why did they risc going to New York?To make a fool of our country for revenge?We might never find out.

They also make Frank Sinatra look bad…If you don’t believe me,see for yourselves:


One comment

  1. Vlad · September 7, 2008

    I hate pitzipoance…i really do…

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