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CityFemme – un proiect de fete destepte (stiu, pentru ca e vorba de prietena mea cea mai buna!) February 21, 2017

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Sunt aproape noua ani de cand am blogul – sunt departe vremurile acelea in care eram doar o studenta  venita din provincie sa invete jurnalism la Bucuresti. Intre timp am terminat facultatea, m-am mutat de destule ori dintr-o chirie in alta pana cand am gasit un loc caruia pot sa-i spun „acasa”. Mi-am schimbat si serviciul pe care l-am avut ani de zile, iar de cateva luni bune fiecare zi e o frumoasa provocare.

Sunt insa si cateva constante in toata aceasta ecuatie – sunt cateva persoane care mi-au fost alaturi inca din facultate, care fac parte din viata mea si acum pe care sunt sigura ca ma pot baza si in viitor. Una dintre ele este o prietena buna din facultate, care de ceva timp a decis sa inceapa un proiect personal – un site pentru femei numit CityFemme.com.

Am privit-o de la inceput, de la primii pasi timizi, de cand se plangea ca nu stie ce nume sa aleaga sau sa rezolve nu stiu ce probleme tehnice. Dar se apropie usor de jumatate de an de activitate, timp in care a crescut frumos. Acopera o multime de subiecte pentru femei – de la timp liber (recomandari de lectura, de filme, de evenimente) la moda, stil sau sanatate.


Impreuna cu sora ei (alaturi de care a pornit acest proiect), cel doua au scris deja aproape 200 de articole, au facut niste concursuri dragute si au ajuns sa aiba si o pagina de facebook pe care o urmaresc zilnic.

Sper sa va placa si voua!

Impressing people you don’t like October 17, 2016

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As far as I can remember, I was brought up to cause as little inconvenience to others as humanly possible. Hell, sometimes I used to avoid going into the living room because I knew my folks had friends over. I didn’t want to be a bother and force the adults to acknowledge my existence. Things haven’t changed that much when it comes to my early adult years – I still dread being a bother to others and I still don’t want to cause a stir. You see…behind this smart ass potty mouth, there is this human who wants to be left alone more than anything else in the world. I will not bother you if you don’t bother me – let my personal environment be and don’t cause a glitch in it, thank you very much!



Lately I have been dreading getting phone calls because I have this feeling that someone wants something from me. Call me paranoid if you will, but life has become a bit too peopley for me, even if it’s mostly over the phone. I don’t want to hear bad news, I don’t care if you need something for me – I just don’t want to do it. Is that weird? Am I losing the people skills I thought I used to have? I’m fairly sure I am becoming more antisocial than I should legally be, but I love my silence. I love not having to deal with people I don’t like and doing what they ask me to. I most definitely love not having to dress in order to impress some people that won’t move a finger to tickle my fancy (see what I did there?). I think I just don’t want any more rules and restrictions and I would love as little human contact as possible.

Impressing people you don’t like is a total waste of time, effort and personality. The only person you should impress is yourself and you should do a damn good job at doing so! Why? Because depression is a bitch and therapy’s expensive.




Are blogs still a thing? (life update) September 7, 2016

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I remember that back in the day blogs were all the rage! Everyone had one and they even used to post on the daily. I know because I used to be one of those people. I used to think that if my blog were successful, I would get a good job and gain visibility on the web. Gone are the times when I cared about that stuff. I don’t want to kill off my blog completely – I promise to post at least twice a year, even though this might be a promise I will not be able to keep.


Enough about that, let’s talk about me! (I’ve always wanted to say that IRL, but somehow it’s not appropriate.) I am well. I cut out most of the negativity from my life, but we all know how roaches never die until you flush them down the toilet, and even then I might be a bit skeptical. I really need to copyright this shit, or else Taylor Swift will steal my ideas for her new album. My best friend got married last week and I was one hell of a bridesmaid! Hey, her words, not mine!:))

My former job got me to the point where I started to hate blogs and posting regularly. Maybe that was due to the fact that I HAD to. Now I don’t have a boss anymore and the only person I answer to is myself. It’s liberating. I have dyed my hair blue, green and a combination of both. It’s been a blast and I can’t wait for the next one! I wore two dresses and a skirt this year and I feel like I deserve a medal for the hard work I put in to be a damn lady! Yes, there are pictures of me wearing them. No, I will not publish them here. That’s what Facebook is for.


What I love about personal blogs is that you can rant without anyone interrupting you. What a bad trait that is – how poorly educated can a person be? Don’t even answer that! I used to get in trouble for the stuff I used to post here. Now I am not that worried since I have been on a hiatus for hell know how much time. I doubt people even read my posts. I pretty much post for future me to have a read when she’s bored. I don’t have an audience. I have nothing to sell and nothing to gain or lose.

Today was an interesting day and I will end it with a special song dedicated to someone who made me laugh so hard today I feel like I should send her a special card. Thanks, G! Girl, you’re as funny as you are a bitch!



When I leave work, I don’t fucking know you anymore January 28, 2016

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It may sound as if I’m throwing a pity party for myself, but just hear me out! Or read me out, whatever… I work and I work so fucking hard it gives me migraines. There have been days I hated work. Oh, what a shock! Don’t get me wrong, I do my fucking job and I like to think I do it well, but there is only so much one employee can do. I dedicate time and energy into the shit I have to do just to have it done and make everybody (including myself) happy. But the thing is…nobody is ever 100% happy. Even if you do something well, why didn’t you put in the effort to make it perfect? Because I am a fucking human, that’s why!


When that clock indicates me that my working hours are done for the day, I am out that door like a ninja! I don’t know you anymore. You are dead to me until the next day when I have to see you! It’s as simple as that and I am certain you all think the same about me. It’s fine. I don’t fucking care. You do you! I don’t care about your personal life and why you prefer Coke zero over regular Coke. That’s all on you! When you even have the slightest doubt that I might get pissed off if you contact me outside of work with shit regarding work, don’t do it! Don’t do it. I don’t care. Can it wait? Good! I hate this whole “let’s impress the boss” attitude. I can’t do it. I don’t want to impress anyone but myself when it comes to work. If you live for your work, you are a sad person. I have been this person for years. I want to stop. There is life outside of work and I want to live it.


From now on, whoever fucking dares to contact me can go choke on a cactus. Is the place burning down? Should I care? Am I the boss? If you answered “no” to all of these, I would suggest leaving me alone. I do not care about what happens when I am gone. End of story.

If you are bored at work, don’t pin it on me. I am out of there and I do not plan on returing unless I have to!

Friend. December 4, 2015

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Friends are awesome! They’re like family that you will never call dysfunctional. They might have their shit, but maybe that shit is what made you connect. I click with very few people, even though it might seem that I am friendly in person. I have strong feelings. I love and hate with all my heart and I don’t give a fuck with all of my middle finger.


Oana has been my friend for over 8 years now. We met at university and I can’t believe we still keep in touch regularly despite our hectic schedules at work. I love how we always pick up where we left off even though we haven’t talked in a while. It must mean this friendship is something special. I am never afraid to tell her how I really feel about anything and everything. My honesty never hurt her. She always smiled or laughed when I told her my stone cold opinion about this and that. For instance, about marriage. She’s getting married this fall and you will never guess who her maid of honor is. Yep! It’s me! Now that is an honor I am not sure I am ready for. I am not one for weddings. They cramp my style, but for her I will make an exception…and wear a damn dress. I will not mind the color because I love her. There, I said it! I have told her time and time again that I feel like she is rushing into this marrying shit, but if it makes her happy, then who am I to argue? We try to catch up by sending each other early morning messages and we manage most of the time. It’s a pretty big deal when we actually get to meet up. It’s like an event I prepare for weeks in advance. What I am sure of is that our friendship will always be safe and sound no matter how busy we are. That’s pretty damn special if you ask me!



Take no shit November 27, 2015

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I hate it from the core when people tell me to calm down. Why would you say that? Do you have a death wish? I am not one for stereotypes, but telling a woman to calm down is like trying to baptize a cat – someone will get hurt and they had that shit coming. I don’t like to shut up about things. If you are wrong, I will tell you. You can thank me later for this favor. Most people just beat around the bush when they want to tell you something that’s rather awkward. I try not to, because that would mean so much wasted time. I am not one for wasting time, people. Time should be spent – regardless if you spend it sleeping or having the time of your life (to me these two go hand in hand for some reason).


So I have this friend…she is awesome as hell and I love her to pieces! Soon there shall be a blog post about her. Never have I ever told her stuff lightly. She knows everything about me and vice-versa. I love calling her out on stuff because I feel like that is the right thing to do. It’s a win-win for everyone. She appreciates that (I hope). The weird thing is that most people don’t. Well…aren’t those bastards crazy? I just saved you a huge amount of time and embarrassment. Like…you’re welcome, bitch!


Back to the whole “Calm down” bullshit… I’ve been there and done that. I have told people to calm down (silently, of course, because I do not and cannot risk losing teeth), but my reasons were valid. People screaming for nothing at all aren’t doing anybody any favors. But when things call for a riot, that start a fucking riot as long as you believe what you’re rioting about.  I am not the one to take shit from anyone. Hell…I ended a friendship with someone just because she said my toy Luna is stupid. And it’s been almost a year since we spoke. I don’t need negative people in my life; I already have the ones I am obligated to spend time with.

I am back, Bitches! (for the billionth time) November 13, 2015

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It’s been a long time since I last updated the blog. I know I have a tendency of saying this every so often (or not so often, in my case). I feel like I could learn from Youtube’s communitychannel Natalie Tran when it comes to shitty excuses for being away. The thing is…I haven’t gone anywhere. I am still here and I am in need of a creative outlet. I’ve missed blogging and I loved the attention that it was getting when I was in my glory years on the Internet.

Shit has changed. I did stuff I said I would not do – I’ve gone blonde and I now have a Facebook account (for a year, actually). I know anarchist Anca would not agree with this, but people change. We evolve or we don’t. Things just fucking change. One thing that hasn’t changed is my constant swearing. I’ve had this blog for about seven years and it would be a damn shame to abandon it completely. I mean… I’ve written shit I’m proud of, I’ve been praised and I’ve been criticized. So…kinda like IRL. I don’t care, really. I am just grateful that my mom hasn’t brushed up on her English skills to understand my writing. I have had trouble with my folks because of articles on my blog. Those were the days…I was a rebel on the internet whilst others smoked, did drugs and went out partying. Blogging was my passion in college and I thought it would become my career as well. Well…it sort of did, but not really. I write on the blog for work, but it’s not quite the same. People seem to believe that that’s sooo easy and that they could do it too. My all means, please do! Take it off my hands so I can have more time for my personal one.


I feel like I have neglected this side of my life. I mean, who still blogs in 2015? Vines and Snapchat are where it’s at, but I have this attachment to old and personal things and I like saying shit in paragraphs. I don’t know how long I’ll do this. I have started many projects. Some I abandoned, some broke my back (literally) and some weren’t interesting enough to continue. What inspired me to write today? First of all, I was bored and I have been taking too many naps lately. I needed to shake things up. Second of all, a friend of mine suggested a website that determines your level of English based on texts you write. I have to admit that boosted my self esteem quite a bit. Third of all, I still feel like this is what I want to do, regardless of what I was prepared for. Fourth on the list might be the fact that I’ve been listening to Panic! @ the disco and Paramore while writing this, so maybe my angsty early-twenties self felt inspired.


I miss reviewing stuff. I used to have a shit load of opinions of a lot of things: music videos, TV shows or just dumb fucks in the media. Looking back without any modesty at all, I have to admit that I was crushing it back then! I started some series, such as favourite youtubers and favourite TV shows. Where and why did that stop? I don’t know. I’ll blame it on my job, like every responsible adult does. I felt like talking about myself is boring. The hell it is!

If you know how to condiment your shit, people will eat it up!

Aproape 4 ani!!! (plus concertul vietii mele) August 24, 2012

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Wow! A trecut o vesnicie (adica 4 ani) de cand am blogul si tot sunt nesimtita pentru ca nu mai scriu nimic nou. Recunosc, cheful de scris mi-a venit astazi dupa ce am vazut noul episod din Awkward si dupa discutia cu buna mea prietena, Oana. Ea, fata cuminte, s-a tinut de blog. Era cazul sa ii mai arat si eu putina atentie…macar odata la 4-5 luni. Tin sa spun ca urasc vremea asta imputita din Bucuresti si ca abia astept sa vina anotimpul meu preferat, toamna. Dar discutiile despre vreme nu au fost niciodata preferatele mele…

Pe vremea cand incepusem blogul asta, eram intre primul si al doilea an de facultate si credeam ca o sa ajung mare jurnalist si ca blogul ma va ajuta o tona. M-a ajutat un c***t! Dar tot e bine ca aveam un refugiu unde sa scriu ce-mi mai trece prin minte. Imi amintesc si acum vremurile din 2009 cand scriam despre Lady Gaga fiind an attention whore si cum vizualizarile pe blogul meu explodasera. Datorita ei am luat 10 la Jurnalism online! Inca o iubesc pe Gaga si inca regret ca nu am mers la concertul ei pe 16 august:( Poate am ratat ceva wow sau poate nu. Sper sa mai revina…

Cel mai tare concert din vara asta a fost, fara indoiala, al celor de la Garbage. Fiind un fan infocat de ani si ani…faptul ca Shirley si Duke s-au uitat direct la mine pentru cateva clipe in timpul concertului ma fac sa realizez ca nu m-am nascut degeaba. Concertul a fost perfect. Shirley Manson arata si canta demential si visul meu de o viata s-a indeplinit! Am stat in primul rand! A fost absolut divin. Ce ma deranja era ca am fost printre putinii fani care stiau varsta lui Shirley si versurile de la melodiile Garbage – mai ales a celor de pe noul album. Come on, people! De ce mai veniti la concert daca nu stiti nici macar versurile de la Blood for Poppies? Bine, astea sunt ganduri de fan inrait care simte ca merita sa fie acolo pe scena cu ei pentru ca nimeni nu e mai constient decat mine cat de tare e trupa Garbage. Am si cateva poze de la concert!

A fost ireal! Nu mi-a venit sa cred ca eram la 10 metri de cea mai tare cantareata din Univers si ca am ajuns in sfarsit sa ii vad live! Concertul a inceput cu melodia care-mi este ringtone: Automatic Systematic Habit si s-a incheiat cu Vow! Imi pare rau ca nu a fost mai lung si ca au anulat sesiunea de autografe promisa. Now that’s riding high on a deep depression! [fanii adevarati vor intelege!] Acum mai lipseste sa vina No Doubt si viata mea e completa!

In ultima perioada s-au intamplat si lucruri mai putin fericite, dar pentru acelea voi rezerva noi postari…

Hold the corpse, please! April 6, 2012

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“Esti ceea ce mananci” a fost unul dintre citatele pe care le-am urat pana acum ceva vreme; asta probabil pentru ca mancam o gramada de cacaturi care nu imi faceau deloc bine. Probabil ca inca mananc cateva din acele cacaturi. Sunt constienta de asta si incerc sa le elimin pe cat posibil. Am 6 luni de cand nu mai mananc carne si 2 luni de cand am renuntat si la peste si fructe de mare. Nu regret nimic. Singurul lucru pe care il regret e ca nu am renuntat mai din timp. De ce am trecut la vegetarianism? Din multiple motive: atat de sanatate, cat si de etica.

In primul rand, m-am documentat mai mult despre consumul de carne si ce am gasit m-a inspaimantat teribil. Impreuna cu o colega de munca, am zis ca nu mancam carne o saptamana pe luna, dupa ce am citit articolul “De ce nu mananc carne” de pe blogul Oliviei Steer. Am incercat asta si de atunci nu am mai atins carne. Ea inca mananca. Macar una din noi a reusit. Mi-am deschis singura ochii. A trebuit sa realizez ceva ce era evident de cand am aflat de unde vine carnea. Eu mancam cadavre! Cadavre congelate, dezghetate, prajite sau fierte. Tot cadavre erau! Nu am mai vrut sa iau parte in macelul asta.

In al doilea rand, de cand sunt mica ma bat cu pumnii in piept ca iubesc animalele si ca le vreau tot binele din lume. Abia la 23 de ani m-am trezit ca vreau sa fac ceva in sensul asta. Imi merit cateva perechi de palme, recunosc! Dar macar am avut revelatia asta acum. Nu vreau sa stiu ca un animal a trebuit sa moara ca eu sa mai traiesc o zi. Recomand celor care au dubii daca merita sa fii vegetarian sa se uite la “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian”. E pe youtube. Dar nu e pentru cei slabi de inger. Eu recunosc ca am plans de parca imi vedeam cele mai dragi persoane ca sunt ucise cu sange rece. Acum ma bucur sa stiu ca mancarea mea nu a tipat inainte de a ajunge in farfuria mea. Dar, din pacate, asta nu opreste taiatul animalelor. Traim intr-o tara in care multa lume s-a nascut cu friptura la bot si care are un McDonald’s la scara blocului. E destul de greu sa educi generatii care stiu ca locul porcului e la masa de Craciun si a mielului pe masa de Paste. Sa nu intru in toata polemica mea despre religie, ca imi va sari si mai multa lume in cap. Tot ce pot sa spun ca toata treaba asta cu “sacrificiul” pentru hell knows what e o mare porcarie si o spalare de creier.

“TREBUIE sa mananci carne ca sa fii sanatos”…cine zice asta? Doctorii? Adica nemernicii care prescriu o gramada de medicamente care iti scurteaza viata? Nu, mersi! Prefer sa stau departe de cadavre prajite si sa mananc ceva care stiu ca nu a ranit nicio vietate. Polemica mea despre consumul de carne poate dura zile si nopti. Ma ingrijoreaza sanatatea familiei si a prietenilor apropiati. De restul oamenilor nu imi pasa atat de tare. Ce ma doare pe mine e ca multe animale nevinovate sufera pentru poftele altora. Sunt genul de persoana care daca vede un cersetor cu un caine infometat langa el, inclin sa ii dau cainelui de mancare, nu omului. That’s how I roll.

Mai multa pofta imi fac niste legume aromate la tigaie decat o friptura cu iz de deces.

Cica “Traieste-ti viata”… February 7, 2012

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Multe s-au schimbat de cand am scris ultima data. In primul rand, nu mai am diacritice. Probabil pentru ca mi-e prea lene sa le activez pe noul laptop. In al doilea rand, chiar nu am avut ce sa mai scriu. M-am gandit ca de la ultima postare incoace chiar nu au mai fost cuvinte sa descrie ce mai fac.

Tot aud “Traieste-ti viata ta” si cred ca reflectez prea mult pe subiectul asta. Mai mult decat e cazul si probabil ar trebui sa aplic, nu sa cuget. Si sa nu incerc, ci sa fac. Dar…mai greu! Nu ma simt in stare sa compun maxime despre viata, pentru ca n-am maturitatea si experienta necesara. Intre timp, incerc sa nu proiectez o eu in varsta de 30 de ani care regreta ca nu a facut nu stiu ce in ultima vreme.

Mi-e dor de stat…de stat si relaxat, dar parca nu as da munca pe nimic in lume. Imi umple timpul, ma enerveaza, ma distreaza si ma relaxeaza. Pe de o parte, m-a si responsabilizat si m-a maturizat. Bine, the C-word e la el acasa si se pare ca greu ma lepad de el. Dar se pare ca nu ai cum sa inveti un caine batran trucuri noi (asta chiar suna fortat tradus).

In alta ordine de idei, daca tot imi promovez munca, vreau sa zic ca imi dedic timpul pentru documentare si scriere pe blogul Follow Me. Si da, as fi foarte recunoscatoare daca ar mai intra lumea sa citeasca ce scriu pe acolo. Chiar imi pasa cand vad ca si altora le pasa. Macar sa nu fi abandonat blogul personal fara rost. Yeah, I know! I kinda sold out! Dar e pentru o cauza buna.

Revenind la citatul din titlu, si anume “Traieste-ti viata!”… cum realizezi ca cineva nu si-o traieste? Ce face gresit si cum ar trebui sa schimbe asta? Cum respiri fara sa traiesti? Yes, Freud, I went there! Ce inseamna sa traiesti cu adevarat? Unde gresesc eu sau alte persoane cu aceleasi intrebari cretine? Poate voi gasi o urma de intelepciune in ceea ce ar spune 1-2 persoane care vad ca am mai scris ceva dupa 5-6 luni de pauza.

Stiu ca probabil tehnicile mele de scris au mers downhill, dar simteam nevoia de un mic update. Nu ca scuza pentru absenta, dar sa simt ca traiesc si am mai facut ceva…